Critical Care Medicine

Critical Care is integral to resident training in anesthesiology.

Intensive care unit monitorThe CCM rotation is a one-month rotation for residents at all levels (CBY through CA-3), and is generally repeated 3-6 times during training.

On this rotation, residents have the opportunity to gain the experience and knowledge base to skillfully care for the critically ill patient in a collaborative, team-oriented setting.

Residents who successfully complete this rotation will be able to assess and manage the complex, interrelated physiologic principles unique to this patient population, including:

  • Understanding the spectrum of critical surgical illness
  • Following the course of postoperative critically ill patients
  • Applying observations of the postoperative course of critically ill surgical patients toward better intraoperative care for critically ill patients
  • Assimilating and organizing large amounts of information on critically ill patients
  • Placing and using invasive hemodynamic monitoring tools
  • Recognizing which critically ill patient needs intensive postoperative care, and which does not, concentrating on physiologic, neurologic, respiratory, and hemodynamic stability, and the need for close monitoring