Mission & Code of Conduct

Mission Statement

Our Mission

To provide an environment that develops great anesthesiology leaders through education, research, innovation, and the care of our patients and each other.

Dr. Peggy White teaching critical care medicine fellows

Code of Conduct

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Demonstrating personal responsibility through our behaviors and actions.

People who take Ownership demonstrate…

  • Professionalism
  • Initiative
  • Follow-through

To demonstrate Ownership, we commit to hold each other accountable for the following:

  • Create a positive work environment and community perception by demonstrating one’s best professional judgment when representing UF
  • Respect the law and also recognize a responsibility to seek changes in those requirements which are contrary to the best interest of the patient
  • Behave with the mindset that ‘I own UF Anesthesiology including its successes and opportunities for improvement’
    • Ask yourself, ‘How am I contributing to what is or has happened?’
    • Take corrective action when necessary
    • Solicit feedback from others routinely and act on it when appropriate
  • Take ownership of problems until resolved
  • Remain calm when confronted with or responding to pressure situations
  • Be mindful of cost, organizational resources, and work efficiently and effectively to minimize waste (time, supplies, etc.)
  • Wear ID badge at all times
  • Provide appropriate post-anesthetic care to your patients
  • Demonstrate cooperation and availability when on call, including prompt response to pages and phone calls
  • Be readily available for clinical assignments when assigned clinical and A/C duties until relieved


Delivering superior results in the areas of education, research, innovation, and the care of our patients and each other

People who value Excellence demonstrate…

  • Continuous improvement
  • Innovation
  • Commitment

To demonstrate Excellence, we commit to hold each other accountable for the following:

  • Always act in the best interest of our patients and regard responsibility to the patient as paramount
  • Hold self and others accountable for achieving performance expectations
  • Continuously learn and improve skills
  • Willingly accept challenging assignments
  • Remain open minded; respond and adapt to change
  • Obtain consultation and use the talents of other health professionals when indicated
  • Work to make progress towards personal and team goals, despite difficulties
  • Demonstrate safe working practices and maintain a clean work environment
  • Meet the standard of care and act in accordance with all relevant and applicable legal and professional obligations and expectations
  • Follow organizational systems, policies, and procedures and willingly adapt to new policies and guidelines


Working with integrity and honor in all relationships

People who value Respect demonstrate…

  • Active listening
  • Approachability
  • Responsiveness

To demonstrate Respect, we commit to hold each other accountable for the following:

  • Always engage in honest, courteous, respectful, direct communication, which includes spoken remarks, body language, written documents, phone calls and emails, that are conducted in a professional, constructive, and efficient manner
    • Communicate in a timely and appropriate manner
    • Do not use email to resolve complex issues or to address emotionally charged situations
  • Address concerns or disagreements with the appropriate person in a timely manner – refrain from ‘triangulation’
  • Willingly participate in discussions on problem resolution, ask for and provide timely and honest feedback
  • Listen and respond professionally to patients, visitors and/or colleagues
  • Introduce yourself to others
  • Knock prior to entering an office or patient’s room. Ask permission to enter and introduce yourself
  • Maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information
  • Be punctual; respect others’ time and give your time to others
  • Meet deadlines and follow up on issues and requests
  • Provide constructive feedback privately when possible. Coach in private; commend in public


Creating an environment where individual differences maximize our collective capabilities as a team

People who value Diversity demonstrate…

  • Collaboration
  • Teamwork
  • Consideration

To demonstrate Diversity, we commit to hold each other accountable for the following:

  • Provide the same high quality medical care to all people regardless of race, religion, gender identity, socioeconomic class or sexual preference
  • Recognize the increasing diversity of our community and department and seek to understand the cultures of the individuals we serve
  • Speak in a culturally appropriate and understandable manner
  • Collaborate effectively with respect, sensitivity, and compassion
  • Create a safe environment for people to say what they think and feel
  • Recognize the importance of varying learning styles in order to design and implement appropriate educational opportunities.
  • Understand that a variety of experience levels exist, and that tolerance regarding those who are learning is expected and supported
  • Enroll diverse populations in study protocols, as appropriate
  • Compensate for potential personal ‘blind spots’ by soliciting diverse ideas and opinions
  • Recognize importance of medical volunteerism to socially, economically, and ethnically diverse populations