Healthcare Administration Internship

2-0-2-3 M-5-0-0 group

For motivated individuals who desire hands-on experience in the dynamic healthcare environment.

Internship Activities

Perioperative Analytics

  • What Happened Yesterday (WHY) Reporting
  • Primetime OR Activities
  • Financial Profitability vs Production by OR
  • Dashboard Development
  • Improve Excel and Tableau Skills
  • Analyze OR Productivity Metrics
  • PDSA Cycles
  • Performance Analysis

Clinical Operations

  • Physician Clinical & Call Assignments
  • Faculty/CRNA/Residents
  • Critical Care Medicine/Pain Medicine
  • Scheduling System Analytics
  • Staffing Projections
  • Quality Improvement Projects

Budget Management

  • Service Agreements
    • Availability Services
    • Non-OR Anesthetizing Locations (NORA)
    • Service Line
  • Understand Clinical Budget Variances
    • Case Volume
    • Charges/Collections
    • Work Production

Leadership Development

  • Physician Interactions & Shadowing
  • Project Ownership and Management
  • Leadership-based Journal Club
  • Strengthen Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence


Join Us!

We are not currently accepting applications for administration internships. More information will be posted here when it’s available. Email Lian Norris for general inquiries.

M-5-0-0 group doing the chomp

The Department of Anesthesiology Summary

  •     > $50m in revenue
  •     > 50,000 anesthetic cases
  •     80 operating rooms/anesthetizing locations
  •     5 critical care units
  •     80 clinical faculty
  •     70 certified nurse anesthetists/anesthesia assistants
  •     > 80 residents/fellows

“My experience as an administrative intern for the Department of Anesthesiology has exceeded all of my expectations. I had the opportunity to further my skills in excel, gain an understanding of the clinical side of Anesthesiology, operations of the OR and perioperative services, and develop new ways to solve problems. Not only was I able to work on projects given to me by the administration staff, but I was also given assignments by the Anesthesiologists. I was forced to step outside of my comfort zone to take on projects that involved building new skills. Throughout the summer I felt like I was contributing to the department and UF Health in an impactful way. I truly believe that this internship gave me insight into the dynamic world of healthcare and furthered my certainty that this is the profession I wanted to be a part of.”

–  Kelli Ahles, Fellow, Sarasota Memorial Hospital

“This internship provided an invaluable professional development experience. M500 is more than just a graduate internship opportunity. The past, present and future interns, along with Scott Sumner, make up a family and a growing network of health administrators with a unique shared experience. The work was always challenging and provided me with opportunities to collaborate with other interns, faculty and hospital employees to complete projects and support the goals of the department. When I began my internship, I was not aware of the learning experience and overall large impact M500 would have on me and my career. I am extremely fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to work here.”

–  Keandra Brown-Davis, Consultant, Enhance Healthcare

“The opportunity to be a part of the Department of Anesthesiology was a goal that I had set out to achieve early on in my Master of Health Administration program. I thrive in team driven environments and I instantly knew that this department created a platform that encouraged and motivated just that. In addition, the experience and mentorship that is given throughout this internship is invaluable and is what sets it apart from others. During my time with the department I was encouraged to take on tasks I thought to be unattainable, learned skills that allowed me to grow as a professional, and collaborated with exceptional healthcare leaders. I am proud of the products my M500 team and I have accomplished and I know that as the M500 legacy expands it will continue to create extraordinary leaders in healthcare.”

–  Valerie Newman, UF MHA 2019

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