Acute Pain Medicine

The Division of Acute Pain Medicine is a team of attendings, fellows, residents and nurses dedicated to treating patients suffering from acute pain.

Our Acute Pain Medicine faculty, fellows, and residents at the 2019 AAPM meeting


The Division offers a competitive, comprehensive 12-month fellowship in acute pain medicine and regional anesthesia. This fellowship loosely adheres to the American Society of Regional Anesthesia’s guidelines for fellowship training. As such fellowships are not ACGME-accredited, we freely adapt these guidelines to suit the specific individual needs of the fellow and the institution. We have 5 fellowship positions.

Fellows are required to be licensed in the state of Florida and work as faculty one day a week. That puts us in a position to offer fellows a better salary and other faculty benefits. We also provide fellows with non-clinical academic time to produce research and teaching output.

The ultimate goal of the fellowship program is to produce complete Acute Pain Specialists – Consultants in Acute Pain Medicine.


Our division trains anesthesiology residents at the University of Florida at each year of their residency. Resident educational objectives correlate to the residents year of training, allowing a continued and expanding role for residents of all levels.

During the CA1 year residents receive an introduction to APPM and the main emphasis is on Anatomy. After the CA2 year a resident should be very comfortable in all blocks everyday anesthesiologists would be required to do, and after their CA3 year elective rotation residents should be very comfortable with advanced blocks and how to care for patients with these blocks, especially all continuous neuraxial, paraneuraxial and peripheral nerve blocks.


The division is also involved in multiple research projects involving home-based management of perineural catheters, compartment syndrome, early detection of nerve block onset, unique educational tools and the development of new devices and methods to enhance the safety of regional anesthesia.

Through the Office of Technology and Licensing fellows are encouraged to develop and patent commercial products for use in APPM. The idea is for them to share in the future profits of such products.


Andre P Boezaart

Andre P Boezaart, MD, PhD

Professor of Anesthesiology and Orthopaedic Surgery
Donald S Bohannon

Donald S Bohannon, MD

Associate Professor of Anesthesiology
Barys V Ihnatsenka

Barys V Ihnatsenka, MD

Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology
Linda T Le-Wendling

Linda T Le-Wendling, MD

Director, Acute and Perioperative Pain Medicine Fellowship; Associate Professor of Anesthesiology
Olga (Kiki) C Nin

Olga (Kiki) C Nin, MD

Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Ana Oviedo Baena

Ana Oviedo Baena, MD

Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Cameron R Smith

Cameron R Smith, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Patrick J Tighe

Patrick J Tighe, MD, MS

Associate Professor of Anesthesiology; Joint Associate Professor of Orthopedics; Affiliate Associate Professor of Information Systems and Operations Management, Warrington College of Business; Program Director, Perioperative Analytics Group; Co-Director,
Stephen O Vose

Stephen O Vose, MS, MD

Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Richa Wardhan

Richa Wardhan, MD

Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology