Mentor Opportunities

In our department, we endeavor to engage as many of our faculty, including our clinical faculty, in anesthesiology and anesthesiology related research. Below are some of our current faculty who have experience in research and want to be mentors to our junior faculty who are just starting out.

Faculty Mentors for Research

Faculty Name Research Interests
Francois Modave, PhD Artificial intelligence
Cynthia Garvan, PhD Statistics, clinical translation, study design, measurement, data analysis, and communication in medical research
Anatoly Martynyuk, PhD Intergenerational neurocognitive effects of anesthesia, surgery, and traumatic brain injury
Nikolaus Gravenstein, MD Diverse
Patrick Tighe, MD, MS Data science, acute pain medicine, regional anesthesia
Samsun Lampotang, PhD Simulation in healthcare, healthcare equipment, the promotion of patient safety through enhancement of learning and improved equipment design
Kevin Sullivan, MD Sickle cell disease and quality assurance for the CHC including critical care monitoring of infants and children.
Thorsten Haas, MD Patient blood management
Cameron Smith, MD, PhD Acute pain medicine
Christoph Seubert, MD, PhD Neuroanesthesiology