Multispeciality Anesthesiology

Welcome to the UF Anesthesiology Division of Multispecialty Anesthesia.

The division represents the largest group of anesthesia providers in the department, many of whom hold advanced subspecialty training in anesthesia.

Members of this division provide complete perioperative care for patients undergoing a wide variety of surgery including general surgery, orthopedics, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, urology, otolaryngology, minimally invasive surgery, bariatric surgery, oral/maxillofacial surgery and oncologic surgery.

In addition, members of the division provide full-time anesthesia coverage for the UF Health Level 1 Trauma Center which provides acute trauma services to residents of north central Florida.

The Division of Multispecialty Anesthesia serves as foundation for clinical experiences for both introductory and advanced anesthesia residents. We provide care for patients with the highest levels of acuity affording an excellent educational opportunity for our outstanding residents.

David Corda, MDSincerely,

David Corda, MD
Chief, Division of Multispecialty Anesthesia
Director, Transition to Practice rotation