Research Team


F. Kayser Enneking

F. Kayser Enneking MD

Professor Of Anesthesiology And Orthopaedics
Prodip K Bose

Prodip K Bose MD, PhD

Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology & Neurology; Interim Director, Brain Rehabilitation Research Center; Director, MRI/PET & Translational Neurotrauma Rehabilitation Labr
Sylvain Doré

Sylvain Doré PhD, FAHA

Professor, Anesthesiology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Pharmaceutics, Neuroscience; Director, Anesthesiology Research Programs
Cyndi Garvan

Cyndi Garvan PhD

Statistician; Professor Of Anesthesiology
Thorsten Haas

Thorsten Haas M.D.

Samsun Lampotang

Samsun Lampotang PhD, FSSH, FAIMBE

Joachim S. Gravenstein Professorship Of Anesthesiology; Director, CSSALT; Director, Innovations Director, Office Of Educational Affairs/Office Of Medical Education; Joint Professor Of Urology
Anatoly E Martynyuk

Anatoly E Martynyuk PhD

Professor Of Anesthesiology And Neuroscience
François Modave

François Modave PhD

Professor, Artificial Intelligence
Penelope S Reynolds

Penelope S Reynolds PhD

Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Patrick J Tighe

Patrick J Tighe MD, MS

Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology; Donn M. Dennis MD Professorship In Anesthetic Innovation; Co-Director, Perioperative Cognitive Anesthesia Network; Associate Professor Of Orthopaedics And Information Systems And Operations Management
Terrie Vasilopoulos

Terrie Vasilopoulos PhD

Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology And Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine


Jon C Alexander

Jon C Alexander PhD

Research Administrator II
Shawna Amini

Shawna Amini MPH

Clinical Research Coord III
Stephanie W Gore

Stephanie W Gore

Quality Officer
Amy M Gunnett

Amy M Gunnett RN, CCRC

Manager, Clinical Research
Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks MA

Manager, Communications & Publishing
Ron Ison

Ron Ison PMP

Application Developer Analyst III
Tyre T Johnson

Tyre T Johnson

Research Regulatory Support
Regina Knudsen

Regina Knudsen MS

Clinical Research Coordinator II
Brandi Lattinville

Brandi Lattinville

Clinical Research Coordinator III
Martin S Noguera

Martin S Noguera

Research Administrator II
Kathy Parrish

Kathy Parrish MBA

Manager, Administrative Services
Bryan Penberthy

Bryan Penberthy MFA

Amanda Slater

Amanda Slater

Clinical Research Coordinator III
Anna C Woods

Anna C Woods

Clinical Research Coordinator III