Research Team


François Modave

François Modave Ph.D.

Assistant Dean, Quality And Patient Safety Initiative (QPSi), Academy, Training, And Fellowship Programs, Professor Of Artificial Intelligence, Associate Chair For Research, Department Of Anesthesiology
Prodip K Bose

Prodip K Bose MD, PhD

Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology & Neurology; Interim Director, Brain Rehabilitation Research Center; Director, MRI/PET & Translational Neurotrauma Rehabilitation Lab
Cyndi Garvan

Cyndi Garvan PhD

Statistician; Professor Of Anesthesiology
Thorsten Haas

Thorsten Haas M.D.

Clinical Professor; Director Of Patient Blood Management
Samsun Lampotang

Samsun Lampotang PhD, FSSH, FAIMBE

Joachim S. Gravenstein Professorship Of Anesthesiology; Director, CSSALT; Director, Innovations Director, Office Of Educational Affairs/Office Of Medical Education; Joint Professor Of Urology
Anatoly E Martynyuk

Anatoly E Martynyuk PhD

Professor Of Anesthesiology And Neuroscience
Penelope S Reynolds

Penelope S Reynolds PhD

Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Chris Samouce

Chris Samouce PhD

Assistant Scientist
Patrick J Tighe

Patrick J Tighe M.D., M.S.

Executive Director, Quality And Patient Safety Initiative (QPSi)
Terrie Vasilopoulos

Terrie Vasilopoulos PhD

Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology And Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine


Dartaisha Bass

Dartaisha Bass

Clinical Research Coordinator II
Stephanie W Gore

Stephanie W Gore

OPS – Healthcare
Amy M Gunnett

Amy M Gunnett RN, BSN, CCRC

Manager, Clinical Research
Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks MA

Manager, Communications & Publishing
Scott Hunter

Scott Hunter

Editorial Assistant
Ron Ison

Ron Ison MS, PMP

Application Developer Analyst III
Tyre T Johnson

Tyre T Johnson

Clinical Research Coordinator I
Brandi Lattinville

Brandi Lattinville

Clinical Research Coordinator III
Kathy Parrish

Kathy Parrish MBA

Manager, Administrative Services
Bryan Penberthy

Bryan Penberthy MFA

Amanda Slater

Amanda Slater

Clinical Research Coordinator III
Anna C Woods

Anna C Woods

Clinical Research Coordinator III
Martin S Noguera

Martin S Noguera

Assistant Director, Research Administration
Abbey Doege

Abbey Doege

Research Administrator I