Pain Medicine Fellowship


The Division of Pain Medicine offers a one-year fellowship that produces physicians who are not only technically skilled in interventional pain management, but become leaders in the field of Pain Medicine, including all aspects of acute and chronic pain in ambulatory and hospitalized patients.

The goals of the fellowship program include:

  1. Expanding and applying medical knowledge through scholarly activity, as shown through the number of publications, conference presentations, and the amount of participation in other forms of knowledge sharing.
  2. Training the next generation of fellows to treat the population as it ages and seeks care for chronic and acute pain.  For the multidisciplinary pain medicine fellows, one associated metric is the pass rate for the multidisciplinary pain medicine board exam.  All fellows are expected to take the board exam in a timely manner.  The program builds fellows’ clinical knowledge and skills through a variety of rotations and workshops while administering lectures, study assignments, and the multidisciplinary pain medicine ITE.
Dr. Przkora

Dr. Rene Przkora

The program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA).

Training will emphasize the ability to analyze and manage clinical problems, and to arrive at innovative and practical solutions using procedural, psychological, pharmacotherapeutic, physiatric, and physical therapies.

The Pain Medicine Fellowship scored high and above the national average in all satisfaction categories based on a recent fellow survey.

The fellowship is Managed by the Program Director and Chief, Chronic Pain Medicine Division Dr. Rene Przkora.  For more information on his background read his CV.


Why you should join us….


Dates & Information: In Regards to NRMP Match

  • Applications will be accepted until June 30th.
  • Positions will be matched through the NRMP match. Please visit the NRMP website for specific dates and to register for the match process.

Pain Fellowship Eligibility

  • You must have completed (by June 30th) an ACGME-accredited residency program in one of the following five medical disciplines:
    • Anesthesiology
    • Neurology
    • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM & R)
    • Psychiatry
    • Emergency Medicine

To Apply

IMPORTANT: To apply, you must sign up and participate in the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS).  Applications should be submitted through ERAS by June 30.

Please submit the following application materials through ERAS:

    • Complete all applicable sections of the application
    • Your personal statement should include your short and long-term professional goals and why you are interested in pursuing a pain medicine fellowship.
    • Most current version
    • Three (4 max) letters of recommendation from individuals you list as references on page 3 of the Fellowship Application.
    • Include one from your Department Chair and/or one from your Residency Program Director.
    • Letters should be on letterhead with the recommender’s signature (or e-signature).
    • Be aware that it is your responsibility to request and track progress of the necessary letters, so make sure to follow-up with these individuals to ensure the letters get done and sent to us by the deadline.