Pediatric Anesthesiology

Pediatric anesthesia services are provided at UF Health Shands Hospitals as well as the Children’s Surgical Center in Gainesville, FL.

Close up of a baby

The Division of Pediatric Anesthesiology includes a variety of UF faculty physicians who share a common interest and commitment to the perioperative and sedation care of infants and children.

In addition to post-residency fellowship training in pediatric anesthesia, several faculty members have additional training and expertise in advanced pediatric cardiac anesthesia, pediatric pain medicine, and critical care.

Anesthesia residents from the University of Florida (Gainesville) anesthesiology residency training program and a number of certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) and certified anesthesiologist assistants (C-AA) complement the pediatric anesthesia team.


Timothy W Martin

Timothy W Martin, MD, MBA, FASA

Hatem Al-Takrouri

Hatem Al-Takrouri, MD

Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology
Susana Cruz Beltran

Susana Cruz Beltran, MD

Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Laurie K Davies

Laurie K Davies, MD

Sonia D Mehta

Sonia D Mehta, MD

Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Cole Dooley

Cole Dooley, MD

Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Christopher Edwards

Christopher Edwards, MD

Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Sandra N Gonzalez

Sandra N Gonzalez, MD

Assistant Professor
Maria V Irwin

Maria V Irwin, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Andrew D Pitkin

Andrew D Pitkin, MBBS, MRCP, FRCA

Associate Professor
Taranjit S Sangari

Taranjit S Sangari, MD, MBA

Associate Prof Of Anesthesiology
Christoph N Seubert

Christoph N Seubert, MD, PhD, DABNM

Mark C Wesley

Mark C Wesley, MD

Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology