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Faculty Testimonials

Professor of Anesthesiology and Neurosurgery; Chief, Neuroanesthesia Division

Christoph Seubert, MD, PhD, DABNM

“I came to the University of Florida during my final year of medical school in Germany on a 3-month rotation. The training was sufficiently compelling to commit me to anesthesiology as a specialty, and I completed my residency and a 2-year fellowship in Cardiovascular Anesthesia here. I have been on the faculty since 2000. As a research university in a small town, UF provides an intellectually stimulating environment with numerous opportunities to collaborate on research. Connections among departments and colleges are easy to build and sustain in such proximity. The opportunity to work with trainees keeps the medical aspects of my practice front and center in my thinking and keeps me looking at my practice in fresh ways. Gainesville provides a great value for families with excellent educational and cultural opportunities. I enjoy the short commutes and the opportunity to live close to nature while experiencing four seasons.”

Doctor Seubert in the operating room

Professor of Anesthesiology and Surgery; Associate Chair, Clinical Affairs

Gregory M. Janelle, MD, FASE, FASA

"I came to UF to train at one of the best anesthesiology residencies in the country where I knew I would have the opportunity to take care of the most medically complex patients in a relaxed and supportive environment. That same need — to care for the sickest of the sick and the smallest of the small — along with a love for learning the science and art of perioperative echocardiography, led to my clinical interests in adult and pediatric cardiac anesthesia. While my academic efforts have evolved from research to more administrative assignments, my clinical niches have remained at the core of my professional identity, and UF is one of the few places in the country where I can maintain an active practice straddling both worlds. It is a privilege to be part of a cohesive perioperative team while helping to educate our residents and fellows. After meeting my wife during my internship here, we decided that Gainesville would also be a wonderful place to raise a family. Our children have received excellent educations in a nurturing, small-town environment. In Gainesville, we have been able to enjoy family kayaking, scuba diving, rocket watching … and even alligator hunting!"

Doctor Janelle in the operating room

Assistant Professor; MEdical Director, UF Health Children's Surgical Center

Sandra Gonzalez, MD

"I wanted to complete my residency in Anesthesiology at UF because of the great quality of the program, the type of cases that come here, and the opportunity to train with outstanding faculty. Our department is a pioneer in simulation, which I found to be very important for my training. Location was also an important consideration, and my family and I decided to return to Gainesville because of the excellent quality of life here while we raise two young children. I enjoy the opportunity to share my knowledge through teaching and helping others attain their career goals. Having learners around me is an endless source of interesting discussions and conversations, which are intellectually important for me. At UF, I feel that I am supported to do my job the way I think is most beneficial for my patients and their families. We serve patients from all socioeconomic backgrounds; for me, this is very important, especially because most of my patients are children, and I believe that providing good healthcare for all children is one of the most important investments we can make for their future and for the future of our country."

Sandra Gonzalez, MD, in the post operative care unit

Professor of Anesthesiology; Chair, Pain Medicine Division

Rene Przkora, MD, PhD

“I arrived at UF from Texas in 2014 to take over our Multidisciplinary Pain Medicine Fellowship. My vision was to make it one of the most comprehensive Pain Medicine fellowships in the nation with a focus on advanced interventional pain management therapies. I believed that UF was the right place to achieve this goal, having known UF and Gainesville since completing my Anesthesiology residency here. Not only did we surpass our vision, but we also established the largest Pain Medicine Division in the history of UF, reflecting UF’s supportive and stimulating environment that provides superior patient care and outstanding education for the next generation of healthcare providers. The funding we have received from the National Institutes of Health is another reason that this is a fantastic time to be at UF in Gainesville, a growing and vibrant city. Looking forward, our next exciting milestone is the creation of the UF Pain Institute, combining comprehensive clinical care, education, research, and advocacy for our patients and community.”

Doctor Przkora working at Ayers Pain Clinic


Juan C. Mora, MD

“The complexity of cases, availability of clinical experiences, and expertise of mentors made UF the perfect place to develop my skill set after I completed medical school in Colombia and research training at the Mayo Clinic. During my residency and fellowship at UF Health, I had access to incredible mentors, whose support allowed me to pursue a career as a pain physician. This path has enabled me to make a direct impact on the quality of life in our community. The Pain Medicine Division at UF in Gainesville provides an incredible array of advanced procedures, from interventional to non-interventional, minimally invasive techniques that are not offered elsewhere. The resources and supportive staff here allow me to help restore functionality in some of the most complex patients, many of whom cannot be cared for elsewhere. We have the unique opportunity to share knowledge with a new generation of physicians in our residents, fellows, and trainees; I find satisfaction in being part of their transformation to better professionals. As a young professional, Gainesville is a perfect environment. It offers a wealth of outdoor activities, including mountain and road biking, that I can enjoy 12 months of the year, as well as access to tourist destinations.”

Doctor Mora performing a pain procedure.

Assistant Professor, Pain Medicine

Sanjeev Kumar, MD

“I originally joined UF Health Jacksonville in 2014 and came to Gainesville in 2016. I was working in private practice in Rhode Island and missed the interactions with fellows and residents that make academic medicine so rewarding. I was drawn to joining the premier academic medical center of the Southeast and wanted a warmer climate, so UF was a natural choice. Academic medicine keeps me motivated to enhance my knowledge of the latest pain procedures because it’s vital to stay one step ahead of the residents and fellows. UF has offered me numerous unique opportunities, including grants to hone my clinical skills and new avenues to pursue research. The Pain Medicine Division here performs almost all of the advanced procedures that any pain division could do, including the most advanced endoscopic spine decompression procedures. We are at the top of our profession and attract the best and brightest trainees. As a father of young children, I have found Gainesville to be a great place to raise children and enjoy the city’s young feel.”

Doctor Sanjeev Kumar performing a pain procedure

Assistant Professor; Critical Care Medicine Division

Amanda Frantz, MD

"After deciding to pursue medicine as an undergraduate, UF offered support and opportunities that helped me find my way. When applying for an adult Critical Care Medicine training position, I immediately knew after my interview that I was coming back to UF for my fellowship. The familial work environment and world-renowned Critical Care Medicine Division were the driving forces in my return to Gainesville. Academic medicine keeps me on my toes. The students and residents are eager to learn and excited to provide patient care. Being surrounded by forward-thinking people who want to change medicine for the better makes UF stand out among other academic programs. My coworkers motivate me to be a better physician. Gainesville has grown in the past decade. After living in larger cities, I enjoy Gainesville’s cost of living, tolerable traffic, and outdoor activities."

Dr. Frantz teaching a basic skills seminar

Associate Professor; director, cardiothoracic anesthesia fellowship

Edward McGough, MD

"I was a resident in our department in the 1980s as well as a Critical Care Medicine fellow, and then I left academics to work in private practice. When the time came to change jobs, UF allowed me to create a job with ample flexibility that catered to my interests in cardiovascular anesthesia. I found a niche doing critical care in a cardiac-only ICU, which is unique, as well as cardiac anesthesia with fellows. Teaching and interacting with the residents and fellows is a lot of fun; they bring so much energy and keep everything interesting and enjoyable. The breadth of what goes on at UF makes it unique. In one location, we have pediatrics, adults, and a VA. We have a huge diversity of care that is hard to find somewhere else. You can find a niche because we have so many different choices. Being in a university town allows you to access diversity; UF brings together a broad array of people with a depth of interests that you wouldn’t necessarily find in private practice."

Dr. McGough teaching a resident

Assistant Professor; Director, Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine Clinic

Derek Covington, MD

"I came to UF because I wanted a high-powered academic medical center with high-acuity cases, great physicians, and excellent resources for patients, research, and education. I especially like the variety of my clinical assignments. The chance to work in the several locations and in different areas of medicine — including pediatrics, vascular, orthopedics, preoperative, and even undersea medicine — allows me to interact with a lot of different people and keeps me interested. I just don’t know what other place would allow me such flexibility and such a refreshing variety. I also wanted a town that was livable, not overwhelming in terms of traffic, population, or housing. Gainesville has fit the bill. There’s excellent food, entertainment, and athletics. And as an avid cave diver, the world-renowned springs around here were certainly a draw. It’s quite a sweet spot here in north central Florida!"

Derek Covington, MD, at Ginnie Springs

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