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The Anest Report (formerly GatorWorks) is the official newsletter of the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Florida College of Medicine. This newsletter takes a deeper look into the education, research, and clinical aspects of anesthesiology within the department.

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Anest Report


These stories focus on our clinical divisions and our impact on patients and healthcare at UF Health.

resident listening to stethoscope



These stories revolve around our residents and fellows and all of our educational endeavors training the next generation.

Drs. Dave, Mallet, and Panjeton instruct med students on airway intubation



These stories highlight our researchers and research labs and the groundbreaking work they are doing.

David Lizdas at Cade Museum


Our People

These stories focus in on the individuals within our department and the great work they do here and in the community.

Department faculty at the Celebration of Research

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