Two residents inducted into UF chapter of Gold Humanism Honor Society

Congratulations to fourth-year resident, David Hutchinson, M.D., and recent graduate Milu Thakkar, M.D., who were inducted into UF’s Resident Chapter of the national Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS).

David Hutchinson and Milu Thakkar

Hutchinson and Thakkar were nominated by their peers for induction into the organization, which comprises medical students, residents, faculty, and other leaders who serve as role models of the human connection in health care.

The UF branch, called the Chapman Society, is an active chapter that regularly participates in local and national humanism programs and activities. It was established at the UF College of Medicine during the 2002-03 academic year as part of a national effort to provide a means of formally recognizing medical students, residents, and faculty members demonstrating exemplary behavior that promotes humanism in medicine.

What does humanism mean to you?

“Humanism is an integral aspect of clinical care and encompasses the unique bond that we are    able to establish with our patients,” Hutchinson said. “Our patients are at their most vulnerable during their perioperative period, and it’s a true honor to be able to provide both comfort and compassion during these life changing moments.”

“Patients will have illnesses attached to them; however, we must not forget there is also a patient attached to that illness,” Thakkar said. “Membership in the GHHS will facilitate inspiring and cultivating humanism in ourselves, our peers, and our patients.”

The Resident Chapter was formed in 2014 with funding from the Arnold P. Gold Foundation. Residents can be nominated by medical students (each year six are inducted in this way) or by their peers (each year 20 are inducted in this way). Once inducted, all residents remain part of the GHHS at the national level even when they leave UF. The 2021 inductees represent a range of specialties: pediatrics, neurology, psychiatry, ophthalmology, radiation oncology, general surgery, pathology, family medicine, internal medicine, and obstetrics and gynecology.

GHHS was founded in 2002 through the generous support of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Berrie Foundation, and an anonymous donor. It now has more than 160 chapters in medical schools and residency programs. More than 35,000 medical students, physicians, and other leaders have been inducted and serve as role models of the human connection in healthcare.

Congratulations, Drs. Hutchinson and Thakkar!