Dr. Doré gives address at medical science scholarship banquet for high school students

Sylvain Doré, PhD, recently served as the guest speaker at a medical science scholarship banquet for high school seniors given by a nonprofit foundation that raises awareness of adverse brain conditions. The Sia Brain Awareness Scholarship Foundation began in 2011 in memory of Sia Christine Yorker, who died at age 19 from a sudden acute brain hemorrhage. She was actively pursuing her dream of becoming a pediatric doctor at the time of her passing.

The 2020 Medical Science Scholarship Banquet was held March 7 at the Lake Mary Marriott in Orlando. Seven scholarships ranging from $500 to $1,500 were awarded to graduating high school seniors from the Central Florida area who plan to pursue a medical science degree in 2020 at an accredited Florida college or university.

Dr. Doré, Professor of Anesthesiology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Psychology, Pharmaceutics, and Neuroscience, spoke briefly about COVID-19 but focused on cerebrovascular accidents and stroke. He talked about how to recognize stroke symptoms as well as treat and prevent stroke. Dr. Doré has been sharing his input with the foundation’s board members for over 6 years. The Sia Brain Awareness Foundation seeks to educate and raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of acute brain hemorrhages and other adverse brain conditions, as well as encourage people to be proactive in avoiding head injuries and console those who are grieving a loved one lost to a brain condition.
Doctor Dore at the Sia Foundation banquet