Advanced Lung Step 4

Step 4 (4 hours): Reading

Lichtenstein, Daniel, et al. “The” lung point”: an ultrasound sign specific to pneumothorax.” Intensive care medicine 26.10 (2000): 1434-1440.

Reissig, Angelika, and Roberto Copetti. “Lung ultrasound in community-acquired pneumonia and in interstitial lung diseases.” Respiration 87.3 (2014): 179-189.

Chavez, Miguel A., et al. “Lung ultrasound for the diagnosis of pneumonia in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis.” Respiratory research 15.1 (2014): 50.

Koenig, Seth, et al. “Ultrasound assessment of pulmonary embolism in patients receiving CT pulmonary angiography.” CHEST Journal 145.4 (2014): 818-823.


Before moving onto the next section, please complete the following:

1. (From Lichtenstein Article): The lung point may be explained by a slight increase in pulmonary volume during _______.

2. (From Reissig Article): The most important parenchymal criterion is the positive air _________ within an echopoor area to diagnose pneumnoia.

3. (From Chavez Article): This meta-analysis found lung ultrasound had a high sensitivity (___%) and specificity (___%) for the diagnosis of pneumonia in adults.

4. (From Koenig Article): This preliminary report indicates that combining thoracic ultrasonography, limited ____, and lower extremity DVT study might ahve use in reducing unnecessary CTPA ordered to rule out PE.


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