Name Title
Nelson N Algarra Nelson N Algarra Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology; Asst Program Director For Clinical Operations
Hatem Al-Takrouri Hatem Al-Takrouri Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology
Matthew M Andoniadis Matthew M Andoniadis Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology; Assistant Director, Non-OR Anesthesia; Compliance Officer
Michael A Arnold Michael A Arnold Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology


Name Title
Robin J Bergbauer Robin J Bergbauer Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Jerry J Berger Jerry J Berger Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology
Lauren C Berkow Lauren C Berkow Professor Of Anesthesiology; Chief, Division Of Neuroanesthesia; Director Of Anesthesia Supplies And Equipment
Prodip K Bose Prodip K Bose Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology, Neurology, & Physiological Sciences; Director, MRI & Translational Neurotrauma Rehabilitation Lab; Associate Director, Brain Rehabilitation Research Center
Meghan M Brennan Meghan M Brennan Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Melissa A Burger Melissa A Burger Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology


Name Title
Lawrence J Caruso Lawrence J Caruso Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology; Physician Director Of Quality
Jonathan N Cates Jonathan N Cates Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Svetlana Chembrovich Svetlana Chembrovich Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
M. Anthony Cometa M. Anthony Cometa Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
David M Corda David M Corda Associate Professor of Anesthesiology; Chief, Division Of Multispecialty Anesthesia; Director, Transition To Practice
Susana Cruz Beltran Susana Cruz Beltran Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology


Name Title
Laurie K Davies Laurie K Davies Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology; Joint Associate Professor Of Surgery; Medical Director, Shands Operating Rooms
Cole Dooley Cole Dooley Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Sylvain Doré Sylvain Doré Professor, Anesthesiology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Pharmaceutics, Neuroscience; Director, Anesthesiology Research Programs


Name Title
Mark S Edmiston Mark S Edmiston Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Christopher Edwards Christopher Edwards Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
F. Kayser Enneking F. Kayser Enneking Professor Of Anesthesiology And Orthopaedics
Tammy Y Euliano Tammy Y Euliano Professor Of Anesthesiology; Associate Professor Of Obstetrics & Gynecology And Physiology & Functional Genomics


Name Title
Brenda G Fahy Brenda G Fahy Professor Of Anesthesiology; Associate Chair, Faculty Affairs And Professional Development; Program Director, Adult Combined Cardiothoracic Critical Care Fellowship
Tyler Fong Tyler Fong Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Dianne Fontanez-Nieves Dianne Fontanez-Nieves Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Michael A Fowler Michael A Fowler Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology
Michael Franklin Michael Franklin Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Amanda M Frantz Amanda M Frantz Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology


Name Title
Cyndi Garvan Cyndi Garvan Statistician; Professor Of Anesthesiology
Sebastián Gatica-Moris Sebastián Gatica-Moris Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Chris R Giordano Chris R Giordano Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology; Division Chief, Liver Transplantation; Director, Anesthesiology/Critical Care Clerkship
Nicolai Goettel Nicolai Goettel Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology
Sandra N Gonzalez Sandra N Gonzalez Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology; Medical Director, UF Health Children’s Surgical Center
Nikolaus Gravenstein Nikolaus Gravenstein Jerome H. Modell, MD, Professor Of Anesthesiology; Professor Of Neurosurgery And Periodontology


Name Title
Jack D Hagan Jack D Hagan Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Keith A Howell Keith A Howell Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology


Name Title
Barys V Ihnatsenka Barys V Ihnatsenka Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology


Name Title
Gregory M Janelle Gregory M Janelle Professor Of Anesthesiology And Surgery; Associate Chair, Clinical Affairs
Everett Jones Everett Jones Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology


Name Title
Vadim Y Katsenovich Vadim Y Katsenovich Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Ilan Keidan Ilan Keidan Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology
Colleen G Koch Colleen G Koch Dean, UF College Of Medicine
Sanjeev Kumar Sanjeev Kumar Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology/Pain Medicine; Medical Director, Springhill Pain Clinic


Name Title
Samsun Lampotang Samsun Lampotang Joachim S. Gravenstein Professorship Of Anesthesiology; Director, CSSALT; Director, Innovations Director, Office Of Educational Affairs/Office Of Medical Education; Joint Professor Of Urology
Linda T Le-Wendling Linda T Le-Wendling Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology; Director, Regional Anesthesiology And Perioperative Pain Medicine Fellowship Program
Brandon M Lopez Brandon M Lopez Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Isaac Luria Isaac Luria Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology


Name Title
Andrea Macias Mendoza Andrea Macias Mendoza Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Timothy W Martin Timothy W Martin Professor Of Anesthesiology; Associate Chair For Education; Chief, Pediatric Anesthesiology Division
Anatoly E Martynyuk Anatoly E Martynyuk Professor Of Anesthesiology And Neuroscience
Adrian J Maurer Adrian J Maurer Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Edward K McGough Edward K McGough Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology; Interim Chief, Critical Care Medicine; Program Director, Cardiothoracic Anesthesia Fellowship
Sonia D Mehta Sonia D Mehta Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology
Matthew Meroney Matthew Meroney Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Basma A Mohamed Basma A Mohamed Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology; Assistant Program Director, Resident Wellness
Juan C Mora Herrera Juan C Mora Herrera Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology; Medical Director, Pain Medicine Surgical Center
Timothy E Morey Timothy E Morey Professor & Chair Of Anesthesiology
Alex Multak Alex Multak Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology


Name Title
Olga (Kiki) Nin Olga (Kiki) Nin Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology; Medical Director, Florida Surgical Center



Name Title
Ryan O Parker Ryan O Parker Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Yong G Peng Yong G Peng Professor Of Anesthesiology; Associate Professor Of Surgery; Chief, Cardiothoracic Anesthesia Division
Andrew D Pitkin Andrew D Pitkin Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology
Pablo D Pizarro Rosario Pablo D Pizarro Rosario Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Rene Przkora Rene Przkora Professor Of Anesthesiology; Chief, Pain Medicine Division; Director, Multidisciplinary Pain Medicine Fellowship



Name Title
Ferenc Rabai Ferenc Rabai Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology; Medical Director, Interoperative Electrophysiology
Daryl L Reust Daryl L Reust Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Penelope S Reynolds Penelope S Reynolds Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Steven A Robicsek Steven A Robicsek Professor Of Anesthesiology, Neurosurgery, And Neuroscience; Director, Neuroanesthesiology Fellowship
Albert R Robinson Albert R Robinson Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology; Chief, Vascular Anesthesiology Division; Assistant Dean, Office For Diversity And Health Equity


Name Title
Taranjit S Sangari Taranjit S Sangari Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology
John P Santiago John P Santiago Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Josh W Sappenfield Josh W Sappenfield Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology; Chief, Perioperative Medicine Division; Medical Director, Presurgical Clinic
Soleil Schutte Soleil Schutte Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Christoph N Seubert Christoph N Seubert Professor Of Anesthesiology And Neurosurgery
David Shapiro David Shapiro Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Cameron R Smith Cameron R Smith Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Bruce D Spiess Bruce D Spiess Professor Of Anesthesiology; Associate Chair, Research
Kevin J Sullivan Kevin J Sullivan Professor Of Anesthesiology; Director, Patient Safety And Quality Research, Congenital Heart Center


Name Title
Patrick J Tighe Patrick J Tighe Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology; Donn M. Dennis MD Professorship In Anesthetic Innovation; Co-Director, Perioperative Cognitive Anesthesia Network; Associate Professor Of Orthopaedics And Information Systems And Operations Management
Arvin W Trippensee Arvin W Trippensee Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology


Name Title
Felipe Urdaneta Felipe Urdaneta Professor Of Anesthesiology


Name Title
Terrie Vasilopoulos Terrie Vasilopoulos Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology And Orthopaedics And Rehabilitation
Sandra Victor Sandra Victor Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology
Stephen O Vose Stephen O Vose Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology; Associate Director, Acute And Perioperative Pain Medicine Fellowship


Name Title
Richa Wardhan Richa Wardhan Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology
Gregory Wells Gregory Wells Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology; Associate Chief, Non-OR Anesthesia; Anesthesia Director, UF Health Endoscopy Center
Adam L Wendling Adam L Wendling Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology; Chief, Obstetric Anesthesia Division; Assistant Director, Post-anesthesia Care Unit
Mark C Wesley Mark C Wesley Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology
Jeffrey D White Jeffrey D White Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology; Medical Director, Non-OR Anesthesia; Associate Medical Director, Adult GI Endoscopy
Peggy A White Peggy A White Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology; Director, Multidisciplinary Adult Critical Care Medicine Fellowship

X & Y


Name Title
Yury Zasimovich Yury Zasimovich Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology; Chief, Acute & Perioperative Pain Medicine Division
Rensheng V Zhang Rensheng V Zhang Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology
Jiepei Zhu Jiepei Zhu Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology & Affiliated Researcher NNBR

Joint & Courtesy Faculty

Name Title Department Email
Caleb A Awoniyi Courtesy Clinical Associate Profess MD-ANESTHESIOLOGY-GENERAL cawoniyi@ufl.edu
Julia M Bauerfeind Courtesy Clinical Assistant Professor MD-ANESTHESIOLOGY-GENERAL jbauerfeind@anest.ufl.edu
Thomas M Beaver Grant And Shirle Herron Chair Professor And Chief, Thoracic And Cardiovascular Surgery MD-SURGERY-TCV-CARDIOVASC thomas.beaver@surgery.ufl.edu
Brent R Carr Assistant Professor MD-PSYCHIATRY brcarr@ufl.edu
Neil N Chheda Associate Professor, Chief, Division Of Laryngology And Residency Program Director MD-OTOLARYNGOLOGY neil.chheda@ent.ufl.edu
John B Downs CO CLIN PROF MD-ANEST CRITICAL CARE MED jdowns@anest.ufl.edu
Philip A Efron Professor And Director, Laboratory Of Inflammation Biology And Surgical Science; Medical Director, UF Health Surgical Intensive Care Units And Respiratory Therapy, Critical Care Advanced Practice Providers MD-SURGERY-TRAUMA philip.efron@surgery.ufl.edu
Jozsef J Endredi Courtesy Assistant Professor MD-ANESTHESIOLOGY-GENERAL jendredi@anest.ufl.edu
Roger B Fillingim PROFESSOR DN-COMMUNITY DENTISTRY rfilling@ufl.edu
C. Parker Gibbs PROFESSOR MD-ORTHOPAEDICS / REHAB gibbscp@ortho.ufl.edu
Chris Goldstein CO CLIN AST PROF MD-ANESTHESIOLOGY-GENERAL cgoldstein@anest.ufl.edu
Heidi V Goldstein CO AST PROF MD-ANESTHESIOLOGY-GENERAL hgoldstein@anest.ufl.edu
Dustin L Hegland OPS TECHNICAL MD-ANESTHESIOLOGY-GENERAL dhegland@anest.ufl.edu
Elmer F Klein CO PROF MD-ANESTHESIOLOGY-GENERAL budmanimv@gmail.com
David Mozingo Professor MD-SURGERY-BURN/WOUND CLINIC david.mozingo@surgery.ufl.edu
Rohit P Patel Clinical Associate Professor; Associate Chief, Division Of Critical Care Medicine; Co-Director, Emergency Medicine Critical Care Fellowship; Co-Director, Surgical Intensive Care Unit; Director, Critical Care Ultrasound, Surgical ICU Department of Emergency Medicine rohitpatel@ufl.edu
J P R Pelletier Director, Transfusion Services MD-PATHOLOGY-GENERAL pelletierp@ufl.edu
Catherine Price Associate Professor Department of Clinical and Health Psychology cep23@phhp.ufl.edu
Henry Rosenberg Courtesy Clinical Professor Of Anesthesiology MD-ANESTHESIOLOGY-GENERAL hrosenberg@ufl.edu
Matthew Ryan Vice-Chair Of Education; Associate Professor Department of Emergency Medicine mfryan@ufl.edu
Kimberly Sibille Associate Professor; Director Of The Pain TRAIL MD-AGING-CLINICAL RESEARCH ksibille@ufl.edu
Jose R Soberon OPS – Healthcare MD-ANESTHESIOLOGY-GENERAL jsoberon@ufl.edu

Emeritus Faculty

Lawrence Berman, MD

Andre Boezaart, MD, PhD

Donald Caton, MD

Jerry Cohen, MD

Donn Dennis, MD

Michael Good, MD

Shirley Graves, MD

Robert Kirby, MD

Richard Melker, MD

Carl Peters, MD

Segundina Saga-Rumley, MD

Dinesh Shah, PhD

Avner Sidi, MD