Golden Apple Awarded to Anesthesiology/Critical Care Rotation

The Department of Anesthesiology was honored with the Golden Apple Award for Clinical Science for the second year in a row during the College of Medicine’s virtual Senior Student and Faculty Awards ceremony on May 7, 2020.

The Golden Apple Award is voted on by the graduating class as the best Clinical Rotation of their medical training. This year’s award was presented by the graduating class of 2020 for demonstrating superior teaching in our Anesthesiology and Critical Care Rotation directed by Chris Giordano, MD, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology.

The selection was by a “resounding vote,” Wayne Dell, President and Academic Chair of the Class of 2020, said at the ceremony.

“Aside from being a very talented actor as we’ve seen in the simulations, Dr. Giordano has really put together a course focused on skill building and understanding very complex scenarios,” he said. “I think this is the first time that many of us felt that we were going to be capable physicians after completing this material.”

Wayne also thanked Dr. Giordano for his “wisdom and mentorship” as well as for putting together effective lectures on medical leadership and teamwork.

In an email to the department, Dr. Giordano credited the department as a whole for its support and leading our educational efforts by example.

“This gets recognized monthly with numerous accolades and evaluations from students, and is evident by the influx of UF students choosing Anesthesiology as their specialty (18 this year),” he wrote. “We have gathered some great momentum, let’s keep it rolling.”

Anthony Barrios, a graduate of the College of Medicine Class of 2020 and incoming resident, said he was inspired to pursue anesthesiology because of his experience on the clerkship and rotations.

“As students we were inspired to join the specialty because of great mentors and instructors,” he wrote in an email.

This is the fourth year that our department has received the Golden Apple Award: The classes of 2019, 2001, and 1997 also recognized the clerkship. ​

Golden Apple Award
2019’s Golden Apple Award