UF Faculty Senate Elects Anesthesiology Representatives Drs. Doré and Giordano

Sylvain Doré, PhD, has been elected the Chair-Elect and Chris Giordano, MD, has been elected a Senator for the University of Florida Faculty Senate. Their terms begin June 1.

Dr. Doré’s election to Chair-Elect means that he will fill in if the Chair is absent or unable to act and will become the next Chair in June 2020.

The Faculty Senate is the legislative body of the University of Florida providing a forum for mutual exchange of ideas between senior officers and faculty. In this capacity, the Senate may legislate with respect to matters that concern more than one college, school, or other major academic unit, or that are otherwise of general university interest. Elected members are apportioned among the academic units in proportion to the number of faculty members in each unit.

Congratulations and thank you for representing the department!