Cynthia Garvan, PhD, to Receive Faculty Enhancement Opportunity

Dr. Cynthia Garvan will receive a Faculty Enhancement Opportunity award for the Fall of 2017.

This FEO will provide Dr. Garvan the time, resources, and experiences which will allow her to acquire expertise in brain image analysis.

Advances in imaging techniques such as CT, PET, MRI, fMRI, DTI, and EEG, yield vast amounts of data and corresponding innovations in statistical analysis methods are critical for the advancement of scientific discovery.

As a faculty member in the Department of Anesthesiology (which strives to lower complications of post-operative delirium and cognitive dysfunction) and a biostatistician in the Florida ADRC (Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center), Dr. Garvan is especially motivated to support her collaborators in the important work they do.

Congratulations on this wonderful opportunity!