The Gravenstein Scholars Program

The University of Florida Department of Anesthesiology Gravenstein Scholars Program allows qualified and interested residents to participate in structured research to prepare them for a career in academic anesthesiology.

Each year a resident with a demonstrated interest in research and a passion for academic medicine will be selected as a Gravenstein Scholar. For that resident, a flexible five-year program is developed that provides up to 18 months of protected research time. The department arranges for mentors both within and outside of the department, financial support for research projects, and a small salary stipend.

At the conclusion of a Gravenstein Scholar’s residency there should be demonstrable scholarly products that can jump-start the graduating resident’s academic career . We anticipate a variety of research interests to be explored from bench to bedside.

Particular attention is given to proposals that foster collaboration between the College of Medicine and other programs and departments across the University of Florida campus. We are interested in proposals that address educational topics including social sciences research, technology and simulation development, and performance improvement.

Program Objectives

  1. To increase the number of anesthesiology residents at the University of Florida who choose academic careers
  2. To increase the research productivity and contributions of anesthesiology residents
  3. To prepare anesthesiology residents to conduct productive, independent research

Why This Program Is Important

Over time, research in our specialty and the innovations it has yielded have improved patient safety significantly and have put into our hands new and better tools. At the same time, the number of anesthesiology residency graduates that are fully prepared for careers in academia is far short of demand. To help address this shortage, the Department of Anesthesiology created the Gravenstein Scholars Program, named in honor of the Gravenstein family members who have contributed so significantly to anesthesiology at the University of Florida.

Program Details

The department chooses only one Gravenstein Scholar from among those potentially qualified in each incoming class of residents (PGY-1). Criteria for selection include a demonstrated passion for research as evidenced by prior relevant experience and research-based scholarly products (e.g., authorship on scholarly papers, research presentations at national meetings). Scholars spend five years from entry into the residency program to graduation; in each year there is protected time for research and appropriate research mentorship. The Anesthesiology Research Committee, in conjunction with the Scholar’s mentor(s), closely monitors the progress of each Scholar.

At the completion of the program, each Scholar will have completed all clinical requirements and 18 months of research experience, and will have produced solid documentation of research productivity.

How to Apply

There is a separate ERAS listing for this position; however if it does not fill, PGY-1 residents who have matched with the UF Categorical Anesthesiology Residency Program are eligible to apply. Once you have matched and returned your residency training contract, please submit a letter of interest and a copy of your educational portfolio to:

Timothy Martin, MD, MBA, FASA
Program Director
Anesthesiology Residency Training Program
University of Florida College of Medicine
Box 100254
Gainesville, FL 32610-0254

The Educational Portfolio Should Contain:

  • Updated curriculum vitae
  • Copies of any publications on which you were author or co-author
  • Copies of any abstracts on which you were author or co-author
  • Copies of any educational/research presentations you have made
  • A personal statement outlining your interest in academic medicine and any goals you may have at this point for your academic career