CSSALT Leads Simulation Workshop for Medical Students

In October, the Center for Safety, Simulation and Advanced Learning Technologies (CSSALT) worked with the Student Initiative in Medical Simulation (SIMS) to host a simulation workshop for first- and second-year medical students to provide exposure to crucial skills that they can translate to patient care in their third year.

Medical students practicing on a simulator

“In the time allotted, we were not trying to make every student fully proficient in doing these procedures, but rather to provide a strong foundation from which the students can build upon as they progress through their training,” said Anson Wang, second-year medical student and co-president of SIMS.

Twenty students attended the workshop which was divided into stations led by Samsun Lampotang, Ph.D., professor of anesthesiology and director of CSSALT, Nikolaus Gravenstein, M.D., professor of anesthesiology, neurosurgery and periodontology, Yahya Acar, M.D., CSSALT fellow, and David Lizdas, M.S., simulation engineer. The simulations included ultrasound, central venous line, prostate biopsy and cardioversion.

“During the preclinical years, even though the UF College of Medicine gives us periodic opportunities to interact with patients, our day to day is still largely filled with lectures, flashcards and otherwise staring at computers. We hope this kind of workshop provides another angle from which we can remind ourselves of our big picture goal of caring for patients and excites students anew to build their knowledge and skill base,” said Alicia Hou, second-year medical student and co-president of SIMS.

SIMS is open to all UF medical students, and all can participate in the events. Students can contact Alicia Hou and/or Anson Wang for more information.

Learn more about CSSALT on their website.