Faculty Focus: Kayser Enneking, MD

Dr. Kayser EnnekingKayser Enneking, MD, at work explaining how anesthesia will keep patients safe, pain-free, and on the road to recovery after surgery.

Dr. Enneking is a graduate of Gainesville High School, Vanderbilt University (1981), and the University of Florida (1986). Since 1990, Dr. Enneking has compassionately supervised care for patients undergoing surgery at Shands Hospital. She has taught perioperative medical care to 31 classes of anesthesiology trainees who will be a living legacy to the next generation. Moreover, she pioneered use of perineural sheath catheters for outpatient surgery so that patients could recover in the comfort of their own homes without pain.

As Medical Director for the Florida Surgical Center (1998–2008), she designed and built the new ambulatory surgical center located on Hull Road in Gainesville, Florida. Dr. Enneking is a professor at the University of Florida and previously served as chair of the Department of Anesthesiology (2008–2013). She is presently appointed as Interim Chair for the Department of Dermatology.