On the Road, In the News

February 2019

UF College of Medicine Research Poster Session

November 2018

STRAW 2018 Stroke Workshop

10th Heme Oxygenase Conference


September 2018

Brain Aneurysm Foundation Research Grant Symposium

Team Visits the “Seeing Through Stroke” Exhibit at the Harn Museum

May 2018

2018 Team Farewell Sendoff

February 2018

College of Medicine Celebration of Research

Dr. Dore judging at the Celebration of Medicine

Dr. Doré was one of the judges for the 97 medical students who successfully completed their summer research program and presented their research at the Celebration of Research.

The DoreLab Team also presented research at the annual UF College of Medicine Celebration of Research.

2018 Superior Accomplishment Awards

Congratulations to DoreLab Administrator Kathy Parrish on receiving this award and being recognized by the entire UF community. We are so proud and thankful for you.

January 2018

Dr. Doré acting as a judge at the 55th Annual Junior Science, Engineering and Humanities Symposium

December 2017

47th Annual Meeting of the Society of Neuroscience

October 2017

Brain Aneurysm Foundation recognizes three UF researchers – Article in the Alligator

UF’s First Annual Undergraduate Research EXPO

 Brain Aneurysm Foundation Annual Symposium

Scripps Research Institute Seminar


July 2017

Dore Lab Team Summer of 2017

May 2017

6th World Intracranial Hemorrhage Conference

April 2017

Lab Social Outing at Lake Wauburg

March 2017

Diversity Graduate Research Symposium

February 2017

College of Medicine Celebration of Research

January 2017

Annual Stroke Research Day

January 2017

International AHA Stroke Meeting

September 2016

9th International Conference on Heme Oxygenase

May 2015

Doré Lab Group Picture

January 2015

Dr. Doré presenting at the AAV (Adeno-Associated Virus) Data Blitz on January 7, 2015