STAR Core Medical Statistics

Who We Are

Cynthia Garvan, PhD

Dr. Cynthia Garvan, MA (Pennsylvania State University), PhD ( University of Florida)

Dr. Garvan is a longtime member of ENAR (Eastern North American Region International Biometric Society) and Co-Director of UF’s TRACTS (Training and Research Academy for Clinical and Translational Science) program. She is a Statistical Reviewer for the medical journal, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. She is recognized for extensive and comprehensive experience in multidisciplinary research, garnering externally funded grants, publishing in diverse fields, teaching excellence, and managing and analyzing complex databases.

Penny Reynolds, PhD

Dr. Penny S Reynolds, PhD (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Dr. Reynold’s research interests include improving quality and reporting of animal-based and clinical research; fluid resuscitation strategies for traumatic hemorrhagic shock; experimental design (factorial designs, response surface methodology, etc.), regression, mixed models, hierarchical modelling, longitudinal and time series analysis, propensity score analysis.

Terrie Vasilopoulos, PhD

Dr. Terrie Vasilopoulos, PhD (Pennsylvania State University)

Dr. Vasilopoulos’ research interests include the relationship between cognitive function and physical health; genetic and environmental influence on aging-related health outcomes; risk factors for post-operative cognitive dysfunction; risk assessment, regression, non-parametric approaches, longitudinal analysis, mixed models, structural equation modeling, statistical genetics, survival analysis.

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