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About Sarah Blake

My name is Sarah Blake, MD, and I joined the Department of Anesthesiology in 2023 as an assistant professor in the Division of Multispecialty Anesthesiology. I earned my medical degree from Harvard Medical School, and then completed my anesthesiology residency, pain medicine fellowship, and a research fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, the largest teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School.

My favorite medical saying is, “the secret to caring for the patient is caring for the patient.” I strongly believe in listening to my patients and helping them cope with the anxiety of anesthesia. My current projects include using electronic health records to improve patient safety and optimize cognitive outcomes after anesthesia.

Outside of work, I practice and teach yoga, and enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities: especially gardening biking, camping, and watersports. Coming from Michigan, I’m looking forward to enjoying the warmer Florida weather!

Board Certifications

  • Anesthesiology
    American Board of Anesthesiology
  • Pain Medicine
    American Board of Anesthesiology


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Residency/Fellowship – Anesthesiology and Pain Management
2006-2010 · Harvard Medical School
Fellowship – Research
2005-2006 · Harvard Medical School
Residency – Medical
1999-2000 · University of Washington
1999 · Harvard Medical School
1993 · Harvard College

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