New Resident FAQs

Q: What kind of license do I need?

A: You need a Florida Training License. You must apply through the University of Florida. You will receive detailed instructions from the Anesthesiology Education Office (AEO) team on how to successfully complete your application.

Q: When and how will I receive my contract?

A: You will receive your contract electronically on Match Day. You will submit your signed contract through New Innovations™. We will send you your password and username, instructions on how to upload your signed contract, and other required documents.

A: Your gatorlink account is your first connection to the University of Florida. Within a day or two of the match, you will receive your initial gatorlink username and password. You will use these credentials to access UF systems, including training that must be completed before you arrive. Your gatorlink account also includes an email address ending in “”. Once this account is established, it will be your primary means of contact with UF.