Preoperative Evaluation & Perioperative Medicine

During this rotation, residents will learn about the underlying pathophysiology of commonly encountered disease processes, and determine before surgery the optimal anesthetic approach for patients who have chronic medical illnesses.

operating room

This four-week rotation provides CA1 residents with learning experiences such as:

  • Optimizing the anesthetic approach to patients’ complex and diverse medical conditions prior to surgery
  • Detecting previously unknown conditions
  • Effectively caring for patients during the perioperative period

Residents also benefit from the opportunity to discuss patients in depth with attendings.

Residents will learn to coordinate appropriate care for patients that may include discussion with the attending anesthesiologist, consultation with the surgical team, critical care medicine, or members from other specialties.

Just as important, residents will learn to quickly and effectively communicate to patients basic anesthetic techniques and options, and the risks and advantages of each.