Burn ICU

The Burn ICU rotation provides CBY and CA-1 residents the opportunity to become competent in the anesthetic management of burns and severe wounds.

Burn Intensive Care Unit

CBY residents will learn basic anesthetic management skills for the burn patient.

CA-1 residents will be able to perform a safe, well-planned general anesthetic on a critically ill patient undergoing a complex surgical procedure from induction through emergence.

Residents rotating though the Burn ICU will develop competency in:

  • Fluid management;
  • Acid base management;
  • OR ventilation management;
  • Safe positioning of burn patients for surgery;
  • Appropriate anesthetic techniques, including general and conscious sedation, difficult airway management, and LMA indications;
  • Tracheostomy management;
  • Bronchoscopy;
  • Safe transport of critically ill patients.

Residents will develop proficiency in:

  • Postoperative pain control;
  • Intraoperative and postoperative fluid strategies;
  • Indications for and timing of blood product administration;
  • Vascular access techniques in patients with limited available sites;
  • Anesthetic risk assessment.