Patrick Quade, MD

Patrick Quade, MD, is currently a CA-1 resident here at the University of Florida.

Dr. Quade came to us from Florida International University College of Medicine.

Patrick Quade, MD

“I grew up in Maine where I enjoyed outdoor activities like water sports, swimming, diving and land sports including ultimate frisbee, football and a little basketball here and there. I joined the Air Force, moved around a bit and ended up in Tampa, then Gainesville Florida. I studied Meat Science as a UF undergrad (seemed like the most appropriate next step) with every intention of going to med school. I went to Florida international University in Miami for med school where I began working on antique and vintage watches as a casual hobby.

Now as a seasoned meat scientist Horologist, I decided I’d like to learn about Anesthesiology. 

At home I like to work on and around my house. I’ve been experimenting with small scale permaculture/ sustained agriculture. I’ve sown a front and back yard garden making an honest attempt at growing a lot of food. I love it here, I haven’t ever worked with a more accepting, inclusive group of people. I truly feel appreciated here. We are super eager to welcome new members to this warm growing Gator family!