Miles Murri, DO

Miles Murri, DO, is currently a CA-2 resident here at the University of Florida.

“Among many reasons, I chose to come to University of Florida because I knew graduating and graduated alumni who frequently raved about their training and preparation here, and the confidence they felt entering the work force after residency. I was also confident that UF’s strong reputation, diverse clinical exposure, and large alumni network would assist me as I pursued how and where I would continue my career path forward.

I have come to appreciate the depth of experience in our faculty and their commitment to my success and growth as a resident. They are, in general, very approachable, fun, and willing to impart of their knowledge and proficiencies to us. I was quickly sold on the department staff who coordinates our training and assists us all along the way – each has made me feel a part of the Gator family since the interview day.

It helps that there are many opportunities for adventure and exploration in Florida. My family and I have enjoyed kayaking the springs, swimming with manatees, relaxing at the beach, visiting the well-known theme parks nearby, or going on “gator walks” or other hikes through the many state parks – there is so much to do! I feel incredibly grateful to be part of UF’s anesthesiology program and to be receiving the excellent training that I am.​”