Clerkship Testimonials

“Excellent clerkship, learned something new every day, and it has caused me to continue thinking about my career choice.”

AIG students participate in hands-on activities like intubating STAN the simulator.
AIG students participate in hands-on activities like intubating STAN the simulator.

“I had great residents who spent a large portion of their time teaching in the OR and actively involved me in the anesthesia care, including drawing up drugs, setting up the patient, putting in IV’s, intubating. I felt very involved as part of the team.”


“The clerkship was a great experience, with excellent teaching and exposure to critical care and OR.”


“Very good, immediate feedback from residents and attendings.”

AIG students actively listening during the meeting.
AIG students actively listening during the meeting.


“Wonderful clerkship! VA SICU experience was outstanding mix of education didactic and hands-on patient care. Valuable learning opportunity!”


“Excellent clerkship, well balanced between lecture and clinical experiences. I feel confident managing airways (LMA, intubation), starting PIVs, and placing a radial arterial line if needed.”


“The strength of this clerkship is the quality of teaching and mentorship from the anesthesia residents, who were consistently kind and great at teaching.”


“This clerkship was really great. I really enjoyed my MICU experience. I appreciated being able to work as much or as relaxed as I wanted. I also really liked the hands-on experience during my Anesthesia portion. The attending’s and residents were all really nice. Since I’m doing Medicine they really wanted me to get as many IVs and intubations as possible. In the rotation, I was able to do oral, nasopharyngeal, LMA and endotracheal airways and I feel pretty comfortable with them in general.”

“I appreciated the educational approach the faculty and residents used by allowing the student to work in a relaxed environment and focus on learning key concepts without bogging the student down with busy work, note writing, and meaningless projects. It was a great elective and I learned a lot!”


“Great clerkship! All the residents and attendings were very helpful and enthusiastic!”


“Very well organized and well run. The attendings and residents on anesthesia were GREAT. Took the time to teach regularly and let us participate in lots of procedures.”