Tammy Y. Euliano, MD

EulianoProfessor of Anesthesiology and Obstetrics & Gynecology

Contact Information

University of Florida
College of Medicine
Department of Anesthesiology
1600 SW Archer Road
PO Box 100254
Gainesville, Florida 32610-0254

Office Phone

(352) 273-6575



Administrative Assistant

Poppy Meehan
Phone: (352) 273-7094

Dr. Euliano completed all her training at the University of Florida, from undergrad through fellowship, and has been on faculty since 1996. She specializes in obstetric anesthesia, with special interest in education of medical students and residents. She co-authored a basic textbook of anesthesia for medical students entitled, Essential Anesthesia: from Science to Practice, now in its second edition. Besides the use of technology in education, her research interests focus on maternal-fetal monitoring and preeclampsia detection. She holds several patents and works closely with her husband’s companies, Convergent Engineering and OB Medical.


1995 Residency, Anesthesiology University of Florida College of Medicine Gainesville, FL
1992 Internship, Medicine University Hospital Jacksonville, FL
1991 MD University of Florida College of Medicine Gainesville, FL


obstetric anesthesia, maternal-fetal monitoring, education, simulation

Awards and Honors

2012 Department of Anesthesiology, Haven M. Perkins Lifetime Teaching Award
2011-2012 University of Florida, College of Medicine, Exemplary Teacher
2010 Southern Group on Educational Affairs, Outstanding Poster by a Professional Medical Educator Award for Zheng G, Euliano T, Chang MN, Mahla ME: Transition to practice (TPP): A small group teaching in senior residents of anesthesiology. Annual Meeting, Southern Group on Educational Affairs, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2006 International Anesthesia Research Society, One of four Finalists for the 2004 IARS Teaching Recognition Award
2005 Academic Keys,  Who’s Who in Medical Sciences Education
2004 International Anesthesia Research Society, One of four Finalists for the 2004 IARS Teaching Recognition Award
2004 International Anesthesia Research Society, Best of Session Abstract
2004 Society of Teaching Scholars, Elected
2002-2003 University of Florida, College of Medicine, Exemplary Teacher
2002 Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society

Patents Issued

9/2012 US Patent 8,275,451, Maternal-Fetal Monitoring System (with Jose C. Principe, Dorothee Marossero, Neil R. Euliano)
7/2012 US Patent 8,211,015, Obstetric Analgesia System (with Dorothee Marossero, Neil Euliano, Jose Principe)
4/2012 US Patent 8,160,692 B2, System and method for analyzing progress of labor and preterm labor (with Dorothee Marossero, Neil Euliano, Jose Principe)
5/2011 US Patent 7,942,818, Obstetric Analgesia System (with Dorothee Marossero, Neil Euliano, Jose Principe)
2/2008 US Patent 7,333,850 B2, Maternal-fetal monitoring system (with Dorothee Marossero, Neil R. Euliano II, and Jose C. Principe)

US Patent 6273728, Life support simulation system (with van Meurs WL, Lampotang S, Good ML, Beneken JEW, Carovano RC, Ellis MF, Azukas JB, McClure MW, Gravenstein JS)

Selected Publications

  • Brennan KM, Darmanjian S, Singh S, Euliano N, Euliano T. Prediction of Preeclampsia Through Plethysmogram Analysis. DUJS. Fall; 17(1):39-41, 2014.
  • Silva LM, Darmanjian S, Euliano T. Photoplethysmography and Heart Rate Variability for the Prediction of Preeclampsia. University of Florida Journal of Undergraduate Research. Summer; 15(3):1-4, 2014.
  • Euliano TY, Nguyen MT, Darmanjian S, McGorray SP, Euliano N, Onkala A, Gregg AR. Monitoring uterine activity during labor: a comparison of 3 methods. Am J Obstet Gynecol. Jan;208(1):66.e1-6, 2013.
  • Euliano T: Respiratory physiology clinical correlation. MedEdPORTAL 2012. Available from: www.mededportal.org/publication/9119.
  • Euliano TY, Gravenstein JS, Gravenstein N: Essential Anesthesia from Science to Practice, ed 2. Cambridge, University Press, 192 pp., 2011.
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  • Wendling AL, Halan S. Tighe P, Le L, Euliano T, Lok B. Virtual humans versus standardized patients: which lead residents to more correct diagnoses? Acad Med. 2011 Mar; 86(3):384-8. Erratum in: Acad Med. May; 86(5):648, 2011.
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