Vascular Module Step 8

Step 8: Read the following Competency Goals

Venous thrombosis:

  1. Identification of relevant veins and their associated artery:
  • internal jugular
  • subclavia
  • axillary
  • brachial
  • basilica
  • common femoral
  • proximal saphenous
  • superficial femoral
  • popliteal with differentiation from adjacent artery

2. Identification of venous thrombosis:

  • visualization of endoluminal thrombus
  • performance of compression study with identification of non-compressible vein consistent with thrombus

3. Knowledge not to perform compression maneuver if there is a visible thrombus

4. Identification of adjacent structures such as

  • lymph node
  • mass
  • hematoma
  • ruptured Baker cyst


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