Vascular Module Step 11

Step 11 (3 hours): Reading:

Maecken, Tim, and Thomas Grau. “Ultrasound imaging in vascular access.” Critical care medicine 35.5 (2007): S178-S185.
Di Bello, Christopher, and Seth Koenig. “Diagnosis of Deep Venous Thrombosis by Critical Care Physicians Using Compression Ultrasonography.” Open Crit Care Med J 3 (2010): 43-47.

Kory, Pierre D., et al. “Accuracy of Ultrasonography Performed by Critical Care Physicians for the Diagnosis of DVT.” CHEST Journal 139.3 (2011): 538-542.


Before you move on to the following section, please complete the following:

1. (From Maecken Article): In a prospective, randomized study by Levin et al, which compared ultrasound guided radial artery cannulation versus palpation technique, the mean time for each patient in the ultrasound group was ____ seconds.

2. (From Di Bello Article): Two point ultrasonography is a rapid and efficient method to detect lower extremity DVTs. Emergency Medicine attending physicians were shown to be highly accurate and had a median scanning time of ___min and ___ sec.

3. (From Kory Article): Median time delay between IP-CUS and the FVS among the three institutions was ____ hours.



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