Ultrasound Basics Step 8

Step 8 (3 hours):




Neri, Luca, Enrico Storti, and Daniel Lichtenstein. “Toward an ultrasound curriculum for critical care medicine.” Critical care medicine 35.5 (2007): S290-S304.


Eisen, Lewis A., et al. “Barriers to ultrasound training in critical care medicine fellowships: a survey of program directors..” Critical care medicine 38.10 (2010): 1978-1983.



In order to move onto the next section, please complete the following:


  1. (From Mayo Article): Basic CCE aims to answer a limited number of clinical questions and favors ______ over sensitivity. Definite findings will lead to changes in patient management, whereas uncertain findings require consultation or more traditional complete ultrasounds.
  2. (From Neri Article): In maintenance of skills, critical care physicians performing ultrasound should continue to perform at least ____ exams per year at the basic level 1.
  3. (From Eisen Article): Barriers to ultrasound training include fellow turnover, ______, financial constraints, and political/administrative reasons.

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