Ultrasound Basics Step 7

Step 7 (1 hour)

Active Learning:

If you are part of a UF Health training program (advanced practice provider, resident, fellow, or faculty), go to your intensive care unit or emergency department setting and use the vascular/linear probe to check and see if the color doppler is set appropriately.  Enter your data as you did in the last Active Learning step, using “1111” as the Medical Record Number, your name in the “user” or “operator” section.

With the probe pointing towards the air, change the setting to color mode and increase setting all the way to where the whole screen is showing flow. Then reduce it all the way to zero where there is no flow showing on the screen. Then move towards where you only see flow in a few areas of the screen. Now put the ultrasound in M-mode and place the line cursor as it passes through your own radial artery. Freeze after an appropriate 4-6 second clip is recorded and save the image.

If you are a student and do not have access to a clinical ultrasound machine please use “student” in the name of unit obtained, sonosite for machine company used, and appropriate date.

Before moving onto the next step, please complete the following:

  1. Which unit did you familiarize yourself with the machine: ____________________ .
  2. What is the name of the company of the ultrasound (Sonosite, G&E, Phillips, etc)?  ______________________
  3. Date of your first study in the curriculum _______________________.


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