Ultrasound Basics Step 3

Step 3 (2 hour):



Read:   Moore, Christopher L., and Joshua A. Copel. “Point-of-care ultrasonography.”  New England Journal of Medicine 364.8 (2011): 749-757.


In order to move onto the next section, please complete the following: (From Moore Article):


  • With appropriate use, point of care ultrasonography can decrease _______ errors, provide more efficient real time diagnosis, and supplement or replace more advanced imaging in appropriate situations.


Read:   Ultrasound Instructions  for information about how to use ultrasound here at UF Health. This will also be used throughout the curriculum when doing “Active Learning” parts and obtaining ultrasound clips for your portfolio.


In order to move on to next section, please fill in the following blank:


  • When documenting an ultrasound performed in the emergent setting here at University of Florida, you can access the template notes with the smartphrase “_____”.



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