Ultrasound Basics Step 11

Step 11 (1 hour):

Speed Skills:

If you are part of a UF Health training program (advanced practice provider, resident, fellow, or faculty), go to your intensive care unit or emergency department setting and become familiar with the machine used.  Be sure to note the “on” button, the “gain” buttons, the “freeze” button, and the “saving” buttons for still images and clips. In under one minute, attempt to turn on the machine, input data for a test patient, place your last name in the operator section, use the linear array or vascular probe, change preset to vascular setting, and obtain a still and clip image of your radial artery. Be sure to place appropriate patient information data, operator information, and labels for body parts examined. If you are a student please use “student” in the name of unit obtained, sonosite, and appropriate date.


Before moving onto the next step, please complete the following:


1.  Which unit did you familiarize yourself with the machine: ___________ .
2.  What is the name of the company of the ultrasound (Sonosite, G&E, Phillips, etc):  ____________ .
3.  Date of your study ______________.


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