Shock Step 6

Reading (4 hours):

Before moving onto the next section, please complete the following:

1. (From Manno Article): Transthoracic ultrasound can be used to modify admitting diagnoses in ___% of patients, and led to changes in medical
therapy in ___% patients.
2. (From Lichtenstein Article): The SESAME protocol is a sequential protocol that first scans the _____.
3. (From Seif Article): According to this article, the American Society of Echocardiography support the general use of evaluation of the inferior vena cava size and collapsibility. The recommendations are that an IVC diameter less than ____ cm that collapses greater than ____% correlate to a CVP around 3 mm Hg.
4. (From Peterson Article): Measurement of the ____ diameter can help identify increased intracranial pressure.

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