Lung Step 4

Step 4 (5 hours): Reading


Before you can advance to the next section, please complete the following:

1. (From Dexheimer Neto Article): The _____ sign is found in pleural effusion due to the cyclic motion of the underlying lung parenchyma using the M-Mode.
2. (From Volpicelli Article): Diffuse lung interstitial involvement in diseases and the generation of mulitple and bilateral sonographic ____ lines was shown in multiple studies.
3. (From Xirouchaki Article): IN this study, for consolidation, ultrasound had a sensitivity of 100% and a diagnostic accuracy of ___%.
4. (From Mayo Article): Dynamic signs confirming the presence of pleural liquid include lung flapping (jellyfish sign), undulating movements (strands or fronds agitated by cardiac or respiratory motion, and _______, which is debris agitated by cardiac or respiratory motion in the pleural effusion.

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