Echocardiogram Basic Step 6



Oren-Grinberg, Achikam, Daniel Talmor, and Samuel M. Brown. “Concise definitive review: focused critical care echocardiography in the ICU.” Critical care medicine 41.11 (2013): 2618.


Labovitz, Arthur J., et al. “Focused cardiac ultrasound in the emergent setting: a consensus statement of the American Society of Echocardiography and American College of Emergency Physicians.” Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography 23.12 (2010): 1225-1230.

Before moving onto the next section, please complete the following:

1. (From Oren-Grinberg Article): The rationale for focused cardiac ultrasound in non-arrhythmic cardiac arrest is that you may find a treatable cause such as tamponade, hypovolemic shock, or ____. (answer, pulmonary embolism)

2. (From Labovitz Article): Goals for focused cardiac ultrasound in the symptomatic emergency department patient can be; assessment for pericardial effusion, intravascular volume assessment, marked right ventricle or left ventricle enlargement, guidance of pericardiocentesis, confirmation of transvenous pacing wire, or assessment of global cardiac _____ function. (answer: systolic).

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