Echocardiogram Basic Step 12

Sample Video Clip Review (1 hour)

Review TTE7 to TTE13


Parasternal Long Axis with dilated right ventricle, which should be correlated clinically for volume overload or possible pulmonary embolism. A formal evaluation of right heart function may be clinically indicated for further evaluation.



This image depicts a parasternal long axis view with a large clot in the left atrium, that intermittently lapses through the mitral valve into the left ventricle. This would warrant anticoagulation and a cardiac evaluation by the cardiology service.



This view depicts the inferior vena cava. As you can see, the IVC collapses greater than 50% (nearly 100% in this particular image), which is indicative of hypovolemia and the need for volume resuscitation.



This view depicts a LV short axis with a dilated right ventricle, which is causing a D sign of the left ventricle. This may be indicative of pulmonary embolism or poor right heart function. Formal echocardiogram should be considered in the evaluation of right heart dilation.



This view depicts a parasternal long axis view with a large clot in the left ventricle. This would warrant emergent anticoagulation and an emergent cardiovascular evaluation.



Parasternal long axis with moderate pericardial effusion.



This image depicts an LV short axis view that shows right ventricular dilation with D sign.