46/Vascular ICU

Overview of Common Vascular Procedures

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1. What is the definition of an arterial aneurysm?(Required)
2. How long must a patient lay flat after an endovascular repair?(Required)
3. What is the outer layer of an artery called?(Required)
4. What is the most common type of aneurysm?(Required)
5. In a thoracic aortic aneurysm repair, what is the risk that occurs associated with covering the intercostal arteries?(Required)
6. True or False: In an Aortic Dissection, the intimal flap separates the true lumen from the false lumen, and is visible on CT scan.(Required)
7. What is the usual SBP and HR goal in patients with an aortic dissection?(Required)
8. What is a common nutritional complication of patients with chronic mesenteric ischemia, that is less likely in those with acute mesenteric ischemia?(Required)
9. What lab should be routinely followed in patients with limb ischemia and why?(Required)
10. True or False: With chronic foot wounds, it is acceptable to tape gauze between the toes for management.(Required)