Wellness Toolkit

The UF Department of Anesthesiology Wellness program focuses on many aspects of health and wellness including work/life balance and building resilience. The program strives to provide tools and resources for the department.

Department of Anesthesiology Wellness

Our wellness program’s mission is to encourage physical activity and mental well-being among members of the Department of Anesthesiology, with the overall goal of improving productivity and morale. Long-term goals include increasing awareness of positive health behaviors, motivating department employees to voluntarily adopt healthier behaviors, and providing a supportive environment to foster positive lifestyle changes.

Department Interest Groups

*These links take you to our department bridge website. Only department members can view.

UF College of Medicine Resources

ACGME Resources for Wellness

The accreditation council for graduate medical education (ACGME) resources include systems approaches to well-being; individual well-being; COVID-19 and well-being; and mental health services and suicide prevention.

ASA Well-Being Resources

The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) well-being resources include a physician support line, apps, podcasts, toolkits, articles, and websites.


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Outdoor Activities

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Interesting Wellness Topics