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Health Administration Interns 2017

“My internship has been a wonderful experience. I got to work on meaningful projects involving all aspects of care covering many specialties, not only Anesthesia. The quality of projects I got to work on and the experience I gained perfectly completed my graduate courses in health administration.”

Clark McCall, Data Analyst, UNF Chapel Hill

“It really helped me learn how to collaborate and solve problems by leveraging our individual and collective skill sets as MHA interns and institutional relationships. Through second semester projects, I am developing a lens that recognizes how nuanced and interconnected things are in healthcare and academic medicine, and I know I’ll be able to contribute at my next organization and beyond from the lessons learned here.”

– Frank Sortino, Administrative Director, UAB Hospitals

“The Department of Anesthesiology internship is far from the typical internship experience. This opportunity offered practical experience and creative problem solving which allowed me to grow not only academically and professionally, but also as an individual. The guidance and the mentorship offered by the Anesthesiology department has truly set a solid foundation upon which I continue to build my career.”

– Brian Orta, Administrative Director of Support Services, North Shore Medical Center

 “It has been such a pleasure to work at the University of Florida, Department of Anesthesiology. I really learned so many things through this valuable internship experience that I will never forget as I move on through different stages of my life.”

– Jake Armitage, UF BS Finance 2015

“My experience has been invaluable. The internship has enabled me to grapple with a myriad of changes facing modern healthcare. It truly has been a wonderful experience.”

– Colby Marks, UF JD 2016

“My time in the Department of Anesthesiology was an invaluable experience. I was able to work collaboratively with other MHA interns, Anesthesiology administrative staff, and clinicians on projects that aided in carrying out the mission of the department. My time in the MHA program would not have been the same without this internship. The experience I gained while in the Department of Anesthesiology was essential in providing the foundation I needed in order to secure a competitive fellowship after graduation.”

– Savannah Humphreys, Fellowship, Kaiser Permanente

“My experience as an administrative intern for the Department of Anesthesiology has exceeded all of my expectations. I had the opportunity to further my skills in excel, gain an understanding of the clinical side of Anesthesiology, operations of the OR and perioperative services, and develop new ways to solve problems. Not only was I able to work on projects given to me by the administration staff, but I was also given assignments by the Anesthesiologists. I was forced to step outside of my comfort zone to take on projects that involved building new skills. Throughout the summer I felt like I was contributing to the department and UF Health in an impactful way. I truly believe that this internship gave me insight into the dynamic world of healthcare and furthered my certainty that this is the profession I wanted to be a part of.”

– Kelli Ahles, Fellow, Sarasota Memorial Hospital

“Interning with the Department of Anesthesiology has been an experience unlike any internship I’ve had thus far. It has given me the opportunity to work alongside physician leaders, learn and sharpen various technical skills in data analytics, and work on projects that will have a lasting influence on the department and UF Health. Working with peers and mentors that push you to think outside-of-the-box has allowed me to grow personally and professionally throughout the summer.”

– Michael Cuello, Analyst, Privia Health

“The Internship within the Department of Anesthesiology has been a life changing experience. Over the past year, I have had the utmost privilege of working under an amazing leader, executive coach, and mentor: Scott Sumner. This internship has afforded me the opportunity to be a part of an innovative team within M500 Consulting, left me with an enhanced understanding of the day-to-day operations of an intra-hospital department, and provided me the chance to grow in innumerable ways. I highly recommend this internship experience and would encourage everyone to apply and join the M500 community.”

– Alex Cardoso, Fellow, Emory Healthcare

“What an incredible experience! Coming in with a clinical background and essentially no data, administrative or operational experience, I was extremely nervous to begin this internship. But I couldn’t have asked for a more impactful and educational opportunity. Because Anesthesiology is involved with so many service lines, this internship gave me exposure in nearly every facet of hospital operations. Having a group of interns as opposed to being the only one allowed us to tackle so many more projects and learn more than I ever could have by myself. This internship allowed me to grow personally and professionally, and I couldn’t have done it without the mentoring from Scott and the support of a great team around me!”

– Jake Silvola-Finch, Nurse Manager, Brandon Regional Hospital, Neuroscience Center

“What makes this internship unique is that it encourages students to think critically by promoting creative autonomy. I was often asked questions about departmental operations that I had to leverage data to answer, and how I chose to display data was always my choice. This learning structure allowed me to grow confidently as a communicator, a professional, and a leader. I know with assurance that no other experience would have been able to better prepare me for my next job.”

– Joel Leone, Operations Manager, Florida Medical Center-Tenet Healthcare Corporation

“This internship provided an invaluable professional development experience. M500 is more than just a graduate internship opportunity. The past, present and future interns, along with Scott Sumner, make up a family and a growing network of health administrators with a unique shared experience. The work was always challenging and provided me with opportunities to collaborate with other interns, faculty and hospital employees to complete projects and support the goals of the department. When I began my internship, I was not aware of the learning experience and overall large impact M500 would have on me and my career. I am extremely fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to work here.”

– Keandra Brown-Davis, Consultant, Enhance Healthcare

“When I started the administrative internship at the Department of Anesthesiology, I saw it as an opportunity to apply what I am learning in class to real work situations. The internship allowed me to do this and so much more through challenging projects that helped me develop my analytical, financial and leadership skills. Through collaborating with administrative and clinical staff on work products that are critical to the department’s goals, the internship contributed to my professional development. Being a part of the M500 family, and the mentorship I received from Scott Sumner helped me grow personally as well. I am beyond grateful to be a part of the ever growing M500 network.”

– Zeinab Shaaban, Fellow, John Hopkins

“Being a part of the M500 team at the Department of Anesthesiology has exceeded my expectations in every way imaginable. I received a unique opportunity to work with my peers, administrative staff, and clinical faculty while working on projects that aid not only the department but the institution. The project assignments provided me with data analytic knowledge and encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone. This internship has not just given me an opportunity to grow professionally but personally as well. I am beyond thankful to have been given the opportunity to contribute to the departmental mission and to learn from the greatest preceptor and mentor, Scott Sumner.”

– Amin Ahmadzadeh, UF MHA 2018

“This internship introduced me to new career paths that I had not considered.  I was given the opportunity to perform a variety of ad-hoc projects that identified cost-saving opportunities and added value to the department. It allowed me to apply what I learned in the classroom in a professional environment and further explore my areas of interest.”

– Katie Cairnes, Administrative Fellow, UF Anesthesiology

“The department of anesthesiology internship was the best experience I could have ever asked for. It helped me improve my skills in becoming a better team player, in adapting my communication type to fit with the personality I’m conversing with, and it drastically improved my comfort level in solving analytical problems. Furthermore, the internship has allowed me to be comfortable with everyday Corporate America dashboards such as Microsoft Excel. I am now self-assured in my abilities in the medical field and believe that this internship has given me both the foundation and the confidence to achieve any goal I may set.”

– Kian Tartibi, UF BS Finance, Pre-Med 2020

“Being a person that has never had much experience in the field of healthcare, this internship served as an invaluable opportunity for me. The Department of Anesthesiology touches nearly everything within the hospital so I was exposed to different aspects of healthcare like finance, staffing, and numerous others. I was also surrounded by an awesome team, helpful fellows, and an incredibly savvy preceptor who all pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and grow professionally. Together, we accomplished a lot over the summer and had a great time doing it. I can say with confidence and with ease, that I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.”

– VJ Fitzpatrick, Information Technology Associate, Mount Sinai Medical Center

“The mentorship I received and the skillsets I gained as a Department of Anesthesiology administrative intern have made me confident in my future career as a health administrator. I am fortunate to be in a department that places such emphasis on professional development and growth, and also have the opportunity to work so collaboratively with leadership across operational, analytical, and financial projects. My experiences here have laid a solid foundation through the practical application of what I already learned in the classroom. I am proud that the work that my peers and I accomplished will both benefit the department and continue to be enhanced by future interns.”

– Abby Wolz, Business Coordinator, Surgical Services, UF Health

“My experience as an Administrative Consultant with the Department of Anesthesiology truly met and exceeded all my expectations. I loved the opportunity to tackle data-driven projects and not only be fully responsible for both their progress and outcomes, but to see firsthand the benefit these projects provide to the department both financially and operationally. The M500 Consulting group provides such a unique environment for collaborative learning and for guidance from mentors that continually have your growth and best interest in their focus. I absolutely know I will leave this experience better-prepared to be a healthcare leader.”

– Andy Irwin, UF MHA 2019

“I am confident this is one of the best working experiences I could have done to prepare me for my future career. I was able to take my knowledge gained in the classroom and apply it to complex problems the department was facing. I was given the opportunity to solve problems creatively and was pushed beyond my comfort level allowing my analytical skills to grow tremendously. The mentorship in this internship is second to none and I know I have made life-long friends in M500. M500 will forever be one of my favorite UF memories!”

– Aislinn Skuropat, UF MBA 2020

“I don’t think I have ever learned so much from an internship in my entire life! Truly an experience that I am honored to have been chosen for. Because we were able to work so closely with Mr. Scott Sumner, he taught more than purpose behind the data we were manipulating, but also how to be a better leader or manager. He taught us valuable skills in communication, presentation, and professionalism. It was also extremely beneficial having Mr. Brandon Peckham and Ms. Katie Cairnes there to teach and guide us through the summer projects. Both were recently in our shoes and created a very safe environment, meaning that it was okay to fail because they’d be right there to help as needed.”

– Darby Frankfurth, UF MHA 2019

“My experience with the Department of Anesthesiology has been exceptional in every way. From the opportunity to shadow in clinical areas, expand interpersonal communication, present to department stakeholders, to the development of project management experience and data analysis, this experience has been all encompassing. With a great support team, and a magnificent mentorship structure, the M500 environment is collaborative, safe to fail, and allowed me to grow more than I could have ever imagined. I am proud of the outcomes the M500 team have been able to produce, and I believe the experiences I have gained here have been the perfect foundation to a career in healthcare administration.”

– Derrick Naegler, UF MHA 2019

“I have learned more than I could have imagined during my time interning within the Department of Anesthesiology. Collaborating daily with other MHA interns, administrative and clinical staff, I had the opportunity to work on a wide-range of challenging projects that forced me to think creatively. Most importantly, I had the privilege to learn from a supportive administrative fellow as well as an amazing preceptor, who constantly pushed me to step outside my comfort zone. I can confidently say I have grown both personally and professionally because of the mentorship that I have been exposed to during my time as an M500 intern.”

– Dustin Shore, UF MHA 2019

“The opportunity to be a part of the Department of Anesthesiology was a goal that I had set out to achieve early on in my Master of Health Administration program. I thrive in team driven environments and I instantly knew that this department created a platform that encouraged and motivated just that. In addition, the experience and mentorship that is given throughout this internship is invaluable and is what sets it apart from others. During my time with the department I was encouraged to take on tasks I thought to be unattainable, learned skills that allowed me to grow as a professional, and collaborated with exceptional healthcare leaders. I am proud of the products my M500 team and I have accomplished and I know that as the M500 legacy expands it will continue to create extraordinary leaders in healthcare.”

– Valerie Newman, UF MHA 2019

“Serving as a M500 Consultant this summer led to a remarkable learning experience. I was provided the opportunity to be mentored by caring and charismatic individuals who fostered a collaborative environment conducive to my success. In this role, I was able to develop profound analytical skills, gain an understanding of operational infrastructure, and expand knowledge on the clinical and billing aspect of an academic medical center. This role allowed me to build upon my interpersonal skills and become vulnerable by pushing me out of my comfort zone. I am privileged to have been given an immersive experience with an understanding of clinical, administrative, and financial operations.”

– Nyasia Jenkins, UF MHA 2019

“Working as a M500 intern has taught me more than I could have ever imagined. I have had the privilege of working on a myriad of projects ranging from finance projections to analyzing OR block utilization to quality improvement initiatives. These projects not only taught me how to find creative ways to solve problems, but also how to work in a team environment, present my findings to key stakeholders including physicians and leadership members, and further develop my technical skills. However, this internship is not solely focused on project results, it is also focused on you. Opportunities for professional development and self-improvement are plentiful and I have learned just as much about myself as I have about the hospital industry. This internship is a great experience and I highly recommend it.”

– Andrew Borrelli, UF MPH 2019

“The Department of Anesthesiology was the best place that I could have chosen to develop as a professional. The leaders of the department place equal emphasis on technical, analytical, and soft skill development. I ended my summer at M500 with new friends and more skills than I have acquired during any other single experience. I was able to do meaningful work for the department that was valued by both physician and administrative leadership, and makes up the largest portion of my resume. I was encouraged to work autonomously while being supported along the way. The growth that this internship facilitates is unparalleled.”

– Isaac Heller, UF MHA 2020

Being an intern with the Department of Anesthesiology is a must have experience. During my time here, I had the opportunity to improve my data analysis skills, lead department meetings, work on meaningful projects that directly impacted the Department, and grow personally and professionally. I was constantly pushed to my limits, which at times pushed me out of my comfort zone, and showed me what I am capable of. M500 has the mentorship and guidance needed to create great healthcare leaders.  

Matthew Bartolotti, UF MHA 2021

I have had a wonderful experience here as a Graduate Administrative Intern for the Department of Anesthesiology. The professional mentoring, personal development and project experiences that I have received while working here exceeded all expectations. I have grown both personally and professionally and have met new friends and supportive colleagues.  I am leaving this internship feeling more prepared and confident to take on the challenges that healthcare leaders have to face.

Joseph Werth, SLU MHA 2021

My summer internship experience was filled with both personal and professional growth. Not only did I gain a deeper understanding of myself and how I operate in a workplace environment but I was also able to gain an understanding of others and how they see the same situations differently. Within the first week of the internship, I learned my perceived comfort zone and then was routinely pushed outside of it. Through M500, I learned how to solve problems with data. Even if there was no clear answer to a problem, we were able to find it through data regardless of the ambiguity of the task. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity afforded to me through M500 and wish that more people got to experience such a unique and all-encompassing internship.

-Nick Adams, UF MHA 2021

The M500 Consulting internship not only met but exceeded my expectations during my time as a summer intern. The mentorship and environment in the Department of Anesthesiology allowed for the opportunity to improve on a daily basis, which was my main priority when searching for an internship.  The family atmosphere among the department regardless of role allows for a comfortable experience while interacting with successful and bright individuals that are always approachable and willing to help. Such a well-rounded internship has made me more prepared in achieving my future goals by invaluable experiences and leadership development.     

Tyler Evans, UF MHA 2021

My experience at UF Anesthesiology has given me the chance to learn, lead, and flourish. This internship advanced my skills in finance, operations, analytics, and management. I was offered the opportunity to earn proficiency in relevant software (e.g. Excel & Tableau), work with prominent leadership, gain a better understanding of an academic medical center, and tackle industry-wide challenges head first. Learning to solve problems in a “think-tank” environment with other future healthcare administrators was an invaluable aspect of this internship. The M500 consultants bring diverse experience to the table, granting a unique opportunity to collaborate and learn from one another. The shared success of accomplishing an important project, challenging weaknesses, or watching teammates thrive motivated me in indescribable ways. Each day at M500 brought distinct challenges that pushed me to take strides outside of my comfort zone. Our leadership provided endless support that guided me to learn copious amounts in both my successes and my failures. The personal growth I achieved this past summer is immeasurable.

Corinne Gambacurta, Cornell MHA 2022

My summer as an M500 Consultant blew my expectations away and provided me with an incredible learning experience. It was a privilege to work in this collaborative environment with such bright peers, leaders, and faculty. The structure of this internship challenged me to develop myself both technically and personally. Besides working on a multitude of operational and financial projects and learning about data analysis, I learned the value of self-reflection. This experience allowed me to become a better communicator and a better leader among my peers. I will always be grateful that I am a part of the M500 family.

Steven Rozier, UF MHA 2022

My time in the Department of Anesthesiology was truly irreplaceable for my personal and professional growth. It reaffirmed my desire to pursue a career in healthcare administration and allowed me to discover the variety of occupational paths available. The rich diversity of projects that I was directly or indirectly involved with provided me with a behind-the-scenes perspective of what it takes to support the surgical needs of a major academic medical center. As confirmed by the Department’s innovative culture, my work product integrated the use of data in creative ways to resolve complex problems. At the end of it all, the assignments certainly taught me technical and intangible tools for the future. The interactions with both clinicians and administrators, as both a listener and a presenter, created a nurturing environment for professional development; and simultaneously created a familial culture that is rarely experienced in short-term internships.

Juan Parada, UF MBA/JD 2022

Without a doubt, the M500 experience has had the greatest impact on my professional development. My mentors assigned projects that challenged my technical skills and helped me discover learning methods that worked best for me. I felt tremendous growth thanks to the nurturing environment and the amazing people in the department. Everybody here is unique and gifted and most importantly, we all want each other to succeed. The technical skills I gained will be advantageous as I progress in my career, but the interpersonal growth I experienced is irreplaceable. I will forever be grateful for the opportunities of my summer as an M500 consulting intern.

Luke Dewlow, UF MHA 2022