Transition to Residency course prepares graduating med students

Residents assisted in the Transition to Residency workshop

Last week marked an exciting milestone as 136 graduating medical students completed their capstone course: Transition to Residency. Rounding out the course was a dynamic workshop organized by the Department of Anesthesiology. Fifty of these students who are going into procedural specialties delved into nine interactive anesthesia and surgery stations, immersing themselves in hands-on experiences.

From mastering the art of knot tying to navigating intricate laparoscopic procedures, each station offered a unique opportunity for growth and skill development. Under the expert guidance of faculty members and assisted by a team of dedicated residents, these students honed their techniques in intubations, airway management, and simulation-based exercises for peripheral IV and central access.

Transition to Residency is a three-week course designed to prepare medical graduates for the challenges ahead. Director of this course is Chris Giordano, M.D., FASA, an esteemed professor of anesthesiology known for his dedication to education. As the final chapter of their medical school journey, this course equips students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to thrive in their upcoming residencies.

Doctor Giordano teaching I-V access at the Transition to Residency workshop

Alongside Giordano, anesthesiology faculty members Michael Arnold, D.O., Tom Guyton, M.D., Thorsten Hass, M.D., Keith Howell, M.D., Everett Jones, M.D., Cameron Smith, M.D., Ph.D., and assistant professor of surgery Crystal Johnson-Mann, M.D., provided invaluable mentorship and guidance throughout the workshop. Additionally, the support of six residents—Steven Ayala, M.D., Chris Cavazos, M.D., Cameron Myers, M.D., Dylan Schoo, M.D., Ahmed Shoola, M.D., and Ally Tragesser, M.D.—further enriched the learning experience.

Many thanks to all who assisted in organizing and teaching this year’s Transition to Residency course.

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