Department honors outstanding employees at eighth annual Rebecca Y. Lovely Luncheon

Jillna Claus, MBA, manager of Anesthesia Administrative Services, was selected as the winner of the Rebecca Y. Lovely Outstanding Service Award, and four other members of the Department of Anesthesiology were recognized for their contributions to the department over the last year.

Jillna Claus, MBA and Brandon Peckham, MHA

Jillna was nominated by other members of the department for this award, which recognizes exemplary performance, dedication, and integrity. She received an outpouring of support from her team for her empathy, integrity, and for cultivating a trusting and supportive atmosphere among her staff.  Below are a few highlights from her many nominations.

Jillna’s dedication, leadership, and commitment to excellence have undeniably improved our department’s morale. She has proven time and time again that she is an advocate for her team.”

“Jillna goes above and beyond for each individual employee. She makes us feel like family and truly cares about her position as well as ours. She takes time out of her day to listen to our ideas or concerns with or without a scheduled appointment.”

“There has never been more clear, concise, and respectful communication between a manager and our group.”

“Jillna Claus has transformed the administrative role completely; her hard work and dedication is unmatched.”

The Rebecca Y. Lovely award was established when Rebecca Lovely retired in 2016 after more than 33 years of service to our department. In addition, department leadership debuted four new awards, each recognizing a member of the administrative team for their individual excellence.

Leadership in Patient Care

Congratulations to Nick Hosford, MHA, practice manager at Pain Medicine UF Health Springhill, for receiving the inaugural Leadership in Patient Care Award! This award recognizes an individual who has shown exemplary leadership in enhancing patient care services and who has made significant contributions to improving patient outcomes, enhancing quality of care, and leading initiatives that benefit patients directly.

Nick Hosford and Brandon Peckham

Excellence in Research

Congratulations to Bryan Penberthy, MFA, editor in the department’s Communications & Publication Office, for receiving the inaugural Excellence in Research Award! This award honors an individual for their dedication to high-quality research, mentoring in the research field, and/or significant contributions to the quality and broader dissemination and impact of research findings.

Bryan Penberthy and Brandon Peckham

Outstanding Educational Support

Congratulations to Tammy Bleeker, MEd, C-TAGME, assistant director of Education Administration, for receiving the inaugural Outstanding Educational Support Award! This award recognizes those who have demonstrated a profound commitment to enhancing the educational experiences of adult learners through innovative programming, effective mentorship, and unwavering support that not only enriching the learning experience but helps prepare the next generation of professionals for success in their careers.

Tammy Bleeker

Cultural Catalyst

Congratulations to Vera Rehberg, MBA, administrative specialist II in the chair’s office, for receiving the inaugural Cultural Catalyst Award! This award recognizes an individual who goes above and beyond to uplift their colleagues, promote teamwork, and contribute to a sense of community within the department by fostering a positive and supportive culture.

Vera Rehberg and Brandon Peckham

The awards were presented at a celebratory staff luncheon on Wednesday, April 25 as the highlight event of a weeklong celebration of administrative professionals by the Department of Anesthesiology.

Congratulations to Jillna, Nick, Bryan, Tammy, and Vera! Congratulations, as well, to all members of the department who were nominated for the Rebecca Y. Lovely Outstanding Service Award by their colleagues. The broad field of nominees is a testament to the hard work, collaboration, and dedication present in the department. See the full list of nominees below.

Rebecca Lovely Award Luncheon Awardees and Nominees
  • Jenny Barghout
  • Dartaisha Bass
  • Tammy Bleeker, MEd, C-TAGME
  • Katie Cairnes, MHA
  • Jillna Claus, MBA
  • Nick Hosford, MHA
  • Brandi Lattinville
  • Erik Neuman
  • Antoinette Noel, MBA
  • Bryan Penberthy, MFA
  • Vera Rehberg, MBA
  • Stephanny Rugama
  • Lisa Stanley
  • Kerry Stroh