March Resident of the Month

Allyson Tragesser

Congratulations to Allyson Tragesser, M.D., our March Resident of the Month! Read some of her nominations to see why Dr. Tragesser was chosen by her colleagues for this award.

“I recently worked with Allyson over the span of a couple weeks. She seems to always be prepared, looks for opportunities to help, she works great as part of a team, and she’s not afraid to take on new challenging cases/patients whether in the PACU or in the OR. She’s a great resident!”

“Dr. Tragesser’s diligence, timely intervention, and consistent advocacy helped save the life of a critically ill patient in the ST PACU who—minutes away from being discharged home—was developing an upper airway obstruction.”

Congratulations, Dr. Tragesser!

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