Staff honored with UF Superior Accomplishment Awards

Superior Accomplishment '24, Kathy and Abbey

We are excited to announce that two of our staff members—Kathy Parrish, MBA, and Abbey Doege—have been honored with 2024 Superior Accomplishment Awards for their outstanding contributions to our department and institution!

Winners of the Superior Accomplishment Awards are nominated by supervisors, peers, and customers. They have shown a consistent commitment to their work, demonstrating efficiency and outstanding service in their professional practice. The award comes with a $200 cash prize, and each recipient will be considered for university-level cash awards of $1,000 or $2,000.

Kathy and Abbey were both recognized by their colleagues and coworkers for their high levels of consistency, skill, and work ethic. These awards reflect the value that they bring to the department both professionally and interpersonally.

Kathy Parrish

Kathy’s award was in Individual Employee Performance for the Office Administration category, while Abbey was given a Rookie of the Year Award. Both awards were in Division 5, which encompasses the six health colleges.

This is Kathy’s third time winning a UF Superior Accomplishment Award since joining us as an administrative support assistant II in 2016. In January of 2023, she transitioned from research administration to her current role as the manager of administrative services.

Kathy’s letters of support emphasized her hard work since taking over the role of manager of administrative services. Below are some quotes from her nominations.

“The staff’s confidence in themselves and their work product has skyrocketed and reflects the tremendous effort Kathy puts in every day to show her team they are valued and are supported by their leadership. Kathy shows a tremendous dedication to our organization with a “can-do” attitude, is deeply invested in teaching and propelling others to succeed and has been able to create a customer-centric model for our faculty, staff, residents, and fellows that has not been seen in our department prior to her taking on this leadership role. Her talents are multiplied through her ability to coach others up, and she has contributed to better financial performance for our department.”

“Some people really do make an oversized difference and Kathy has proven herself to be one of those over and over. She is invested in our Department, her people, and our University.”

Abbey Doege

Abbey joined us in April of 2023, also as an administrative support assistant II, and has recently joined the research administration team. Her letters of support expressed admiration for the diligence with which she’s approached her work and her willingness to expand her understanding of the department by taking on new challenges and learning new skills. Below are some quotes from her nominations.

“Abbey consistently goes above and beyond in managing her administrative duties, demonstrating an exceptional aptitude for multitasking and problem solving. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures that all tasks are completed accurately and efficiently, making her an essential component of the team’s success.”

“Abbey is a force to be reckoned with. She was born to be a leader and will go far in her journey. She has already made an impressionable impact in the six months she has been here and continues to touch the lives of those she encounters every day.”

“Clearly, Abbey demonstrates great potential for a brilliant career through her rapidly increasing scope of knowledge and willingness to broaden her skills.”

Congratulations, Abbey and Kathy! Our department is lucky to have you supporting us!