Samsun Lampotang, Ph.D, voted into the Society of Teaching Scholars

Samsun Lampotang

Samsun Lampotang, Ph.D., professor of anesthesiology and director of the Center for Safety, Simulation & Advanced Learning Technologies (CSSALT), has been voted into the University of Florida Society of Teaching Scholars (STS) by current society members.

“We recognize your ongoing commitment to education and know that you will continue to be an exemplary role model to other faculty, fellows, and students,” wrote Carol Diachun, M.D., MSEd, associate dean for educational affairs, in Lampotang’s welcome letter. 

Lampotang will be inducted into the society at the Annual Celebration of Excellence in Medical Education Reception in April. He has also been invited to walk with other members of the society at the graduation ceremonies in May.

Congratulations, Dr. Lampotang!

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