Department members present research at the UF College of Medicine Research Poster Session

Doctors Lampotang and Vasilopoulos at the event

On Monday, February 12, undergraduate and medical students, residents, fellows, and faculty from departments all over the UF College of Medicine gathered in the Stephen C. O’Connell Center for their 14th Annual Celebration of Research poster session. Members from the Department of Anesthesiology sent 36 posters to the event covering topics from AI and data science, clinical science, education research, neuroscience, and workforce development and research education.   

In addition to research posters, the event showcased works of art based on the theme Art Enhanced: The Intersection of Human Creativity and AI. Submissions were generated through computational processes involving generative artificial intelligence. Scott Hunter, editorial assistant for the department, and Mayank Kotadia, medical student, had pieces displayed at the Research Art Reception.

Congratulations to all who participated in this year’s event!

Poster Titles and Authors

Department members with their poster at the event
  1. “Adversarial Attacks Against Multimodal Generative Artificial Intelligence Systems: A Concern for Healthcare?” Viviana Goldstein, Philine Goldstein, Heidi Goldstein, J. Chris Goldstein
  2. “Multimodal Generative Artificial Intelligence-based Synthetic Patient Stem Creation to Teach the ASA PS Classification System: A Feasibility Study.” Viviana Goldstein, Philine Goldstein, Heidi Goldstein
  3. “Evaluating Moral Competence of ChatGPT in Ethical Problems” Ahmed Rashid, Ryan Skelly, Carlos Valdes, Pruthvi Patel, Lauren Solberg, Christopher Giordano, François Modave
  4. “Dosing Cefazolin for Surgical Site Infection Prophylaxis in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Surgery: Intermittent Bolus or Continuous Infusion?  A Microdialysis Study of Skeletal Muscle and Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue Concentrations” Yichao  Yu, Anna Woods, Amy  Gunnett, Cyndi Garvan, Stephanie  Ihnow, Laurel  Blakemore, Taranjit Sangari, F Cole Dooley
  5. “Categorizing the impact of patient characteristics on perioperative glucose readings” Jed Casauay, Cynthia Garvan, F. Kayser Enneking, Keith Howell
  6. “Intraoperative Single Dose of Methadone and its Impact on Postoperative Pain Management for Lumbar Spine Fusion Surgery” Grace DeSena, Anjali Patel, Rohan Arora, Basma Mohamed
  7. “Characterizing Intraoperative Blood Pressure Data Streams and Examining Relationship with Surgical Outcomes: Results from a Study of Adults 65 Years and Older Electing Surgery” John Heinbockel, Keith Howell, Chris Hensen, Catherine Price, Patrick Tighe
  8. “Enhanced Recovery After Surgery in Pediatric Spinal Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis” Ahmed Rashid, Yusuf Mehkri, Vyshak Chandra, Basma Mohamed
  9. “Intraoperative Methadone for Adult Spine Surgery: A Systematic Review of Postoperative Outcomes” Ahmed Rashid, Yusuf Mehkri, Vyshak Chandra, Basma Mohamed
  10. “Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Implementation in Cystectomy for Bladder Cancer: A Retrospective Analysis” Mayank Kotadia, Benjamin Cipion, Lindsey Roundtree, Starr Dix, Paul Crispen, Basma Mohamed
  11. “Does prehabilitation improve perioperative outcomes when compared to a matched cohort?” Benjamin Cipion, Mayank Kotadia, Regina Knudsen, Ken Porche, Daniel Hoh, Basma Mohamed
  12. “Patient centered approach to evaluate aspiration risk: A study of gastric ultrasound in ICU patients” Austin Kansol, Olivia Scheuermann, Cameron Smith, Tyler Loftus, Nikolaus Gravenstein, Martin Rosenthal, Meghan Brennan
  13. “Point of care gastric ultrasound in neuro ICU patients before and after the initiation of post pyloric enteral feeds” Olivia Scheuermann, Austin Kansol, Brandon Lucke-Wold, Cameron Smith, Matthew Decker, Nikolaus Gravenstein, Meghan Brennan
  14. “Quality Improvement in Pediatric Single-Location MRI: Immersive Therapeutic Play Preparation Using a Mock Scanner as a Low-Cost Replacement for Sedation”  Shreya Mathur, Ansh Parikh
  15. “Low Incidence of Perioperative Complications During Pterygopalatine Fossa Nerve Blocks in Pediatric Populations: A Retrospective Chart Review” Niralee Patel, Devin Patel, David Vanderbilt, Garrett Dennis, Regina Knudsen, Amy Gunnett, Cameron Smith
  16. “Design and evaluation of an individualized lab order set in EPIC to decrease recurrent lab draws in the Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (PCICU)” Anjali Patel, Lauren Spalding, William Winter, Joseph Philip, Mark Bleiweis, Kevin Sullivan
  17. “Perioperative Administration of Oxygen to Single Ventricle Patients in the PACU” Lane McClendon, Mahmoud Jaara, Rebecca Reich, Colton Vanover, William Chesser, Kevin Sullivan
  18. “Evaluation of Sodium Homeostasis in the Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit” Kasey Permenter, Taylor Gowen, William Winter, Joseph Philip, Mark Bleiweis, Kevin Sullivan
  19. “Simulated Fluoroscopy in a Physical Simulator for Training in Placement of Adjustable Continence Therapy Devices” Lawrence Yeung, David Lizdas, Chong Zhao, Christopher Samouce, Andy Chen, Yahya Acar, Samsun Lampotang
  20. “Development of a Cardiac Massage Simulator” Mahmoud Fakhouri, Christopher Samouce, Anthony DeStephens, David Lizdas, Chong Zhao, William Sutton, Jonathan Wakim, Nathan Smith, Yahya Acar, Sean Kiley, Peggy White, Amanda Frantz, Kirsten Freeman, Melissa Burger, Samsun Lampotang
  21. “Procedural Targeting Assistance and Visualization with Mixed-Reality Headsets” Andrew Dodds, Christopher Samouce, David Lizdas, Perry Johnson, Barys Ihnatsenka, Isaac Luria, Samsun Lampotang
  22. “Detecting Propofol Using Carbon Nanotube Thin Films” Christopher Samouce, Chong Zhao, Ant Ural, Svetlana Vasilyeva, Andrew Rinzler, Nikolaus Gravenstein, Samsun Lampotang
  23. “Mixed-Reality Simulator for Ultrasound-Guided Thyroid Biopsy” Christopher Samouce, Gonzalo J. Acosta Garcia, Patricia Moser, Daniel Urbonas, Alejo Ballester, Yahya Acar, Adedimeji Adepoju, Joseph Zachary, David Lizdas, Naykky Singh Ospina, Samsun Lampotang
  24. “Hand-Tracking for Procedural Dexterity and Skills Assessment and Coaching” Christopher Samouce, Andy Chen, Yiu-Hei Ching, David Lizdas, Chong Zhao, Yahya Acar, Samsun Lampotang
  25. “Development and Validation of An Online, Interactive Defibrillator Simulation for Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Providers” Michael Kazior, Fei Chen, Susan Martinelli, Avash Poudel, David Lizdas, Samsun Lampotang, Christopher Samouce
  26. “Development of an Online Course on Quantitative Neuromuscular Monitoring” David Lizdas, Alejo Ballester, Natai Stevens, Andrew Dodds, Prashant Khanal, Justina Mutti, Jay Nibhanupudy, Christopher Samouce, Yahya Acar, Nikolaus Gravenstein, Lawrence Caruso, Debra Faulk, Jeffrey Feldman, Samsun Lampotang
  27. “A Novel Mixed Reality Simulator for Spinal, Epidural and Combined Spinal Epidural Anesthesia” Justina Mutti, Christopher Samouce, David Lizdas, Chong  Zhao, Prashant  Khanal, Nathaniel  Smith, Svetlana  Chembrovich, Barys Valerievich Ihnatsenka, Samsun  Lampotang, Soleil Schutte
  28. “Genicular Nerve Ablation and Depression” Juan Mora, Joshua Winegar
  29. “Roles of biological vs. social factors in inherited neurocognitive effects of paternal traumatic brain injury” Timothy Morey, Nikolaus Gravenstein, Christoph Seubert, Barry Setlow, Ling-Sha Ju, Anatoly Martynyuk
  30. “Efficacy and safety of a new iron chelator therapy in signature spinal cord injury (SCI) disabilities and neurobiology of improvements” Prodip  Bose, Jiamei Hou, Shigeharu Tsuda, Daniel  Plant, Grace Dooley, Kelena Klippel, Gyong Ha Hwang, Grace Vargas, Roberto Carrascosa, Grace  Chen, Cynthia Garvan, Raymond Bergeron, Floyd Thompson
  31. “Evaluation of NaHBED Iron Chelation Therapy for TBI-related pain using multi-modality MRIs” Kelena  Klippel, Jiamei  Hou, Daniel Plant, Shigeharu Tsuda, Nicole Weston, Seyedeh  Hejazi, Jaden Murphree, Gyong Ha Hwang, Grace Dooley, Sana Lulu, Mracelo Febo, Raymond Bergeron, Floyd Thompson
  32. “Locus coeruleus injury and activation of alternative norepinephrine production sites following traumatic brain injury” Shigeharu Tsuda
  33. “Electroacupuncture improved TBI-induced facial and somatic allodynia/hyperalgesias in a rodent model” Jiamei Hou, Kelena Klippel, Shigeharu Tsuda, Grace Dooley, Gyong Ha Hwang, Sana Lulu, Daniel Plant, Sara Hejazi, Gabriela Faber, Jaden Murphree, Nicole Weston, Jason Breiner, Grace Vargas, Cynthia Garvan, Marcelo Febo, Floyd Thompson, Harvey Ramirez, Prodip Bose
  34. “Prevalence of Mentoring Programs in Anesthesiology and Medical Schools in the US and their Association with Federal Research Funding” Terrie Vasilopoulos, Wendy Guo, Brenda Fahy1
  35. “Impact of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery on Perioperative Outcomes in Multilevel Spine Fusion Surgery: A Retrospective Analysis” Arman Tabarestani, April Olson, Cyndi Garvan, Regina Knudsen, Basma Mohamed
  36. “Chart Review on Dexamethasone and Perioperative Glycemic Control: Are We Robbing Peter to Pay Paul?” Galyna Khramova, Cyndi Garvan, Brenda Fahy